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Illustrated Programme No. 1 Easter 1972

Locomotives and Carriages

We give below brief details of locomotives and carriages to be seen today at Quainton. For further information, we strongly recommend purchase of the illustrated Stock Book, on sale at the bookshop on platforms 2 & 3, price 20p (24p post free from the address on the back cover). This has full details of all locomotives and rolling stock, together with photographs of most items.

L44 London Transport & Metropolitan Railway No. 1 (Class E) built Neasden 1898. 0-4-4T.
7715 GWR & BR. London Transport L99. 0-6-0PT built Kerr Stuart 1930. Works No. 4450.
30585 BR (LSWR class 329, No. 314) 2-4-0WT built Beyer Peacock 1874, works No. 1414. Rebuilt 1899, 1921 & 1931.
41298 BR (LMS 2MT design) 2-6-2T built Crewe 1951.
Sir Thomas (Oxfordshire Ironstone Co., No. 1) 0-6-0T built Hudswell Clarke 1918, works No. 1334.
Juno (Stewards & Lloyds Minerals) 0-6-0ST built Hunslet 1958. Works No. 3850.
Cunarder (APCM, Harbury) 0-6-0ST. Built Hunslet 1931, works No. 1690.
4428 (Redlands, Kempston Hardwick) 0-4-0 Diesel. Kerr Stuart / Hunslet built 1929-32. Works No. (K)4428.
Swanscombe (Blue Circle Cement, Thurrock) 0-4-0ST built Barclay, 1891, works No. 699.
Punch Hull (APCM, Houghton Regis) 0-4-0ST built Barclay 1926, works No. 776.
Alexander (Southall Gas Works No. 4) 0-4-0ST built 1926, works No. 1865.
Scott (GEC Erith) 0-4-0ST built Bagnall 1932, works No. 2469.
Tom Parry (APCM, Houghton Regis) 0-4-0ST built Barclay 1935, works No. 2015.
Trym (Cardigan Iron Co. Corby) 0-4-0ST built Hunslet 1882, works No. 287.
Sydenham (BOCM, Erith) 0-4-0TG built Aveling & Porter 1895, works No. 3567.
Millom (Millom Iron Works No. 1) 0-4-0ST built Hudswell Clarke 1946, works No. 1742.
14 (South Durham Iron & Steel Co. No.14) 0-4-0ST built Manning Wardle 1912, works No. 1795.
Chislet (NCB Chislet Colliery) 0-6-0ST built Yorkshire 1951, works No. 2498.
Holy War (Dinorwic Slate Quarry) 0-4-0ST 1'-10¾" gauge. Built Hunslet 1902, works No. 779.
11 (Tottenham Gas Works) 4wT VBG built Sentinel 1945, works No. 9366.
7 (Ind Coope & Allsop) 4wT VBG built Sentinel 1947, works No. 9376.
Osram (GEC) 0-4-0 Diesel. Built Fowler.
GF3 0-4-0 fireless locomotive.
3 (APCM, Swanscombe) 0-4-0ST built Hawthorn Leslie 1928
Jill 0-4-0T built Peckett.
Coventry No. 1 0-6-0T built North British.
LNWR Kitchen / diner 1st built Wolverton 1901.
LCDR 4 compartment 1st built 1885.
GNR 4 compartment brake/3rd. Built 1895.
LNER Buffet built 1936.
LNER 5 compartment brake/3rd. Built Darlington
MR Brake / 1st / 3rd. Built Derby 1905
MS & LR 5 compartment. Built 1885

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1972 and so does not reflect events in the 40+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

Illustrated Programme No. 1 Easter 1972

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