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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 104 - Autumn / Winter 2010 / 11

Parks & Gardens - Peter Hoskings - Chairman - Parks & Gardens

Despite the hardest winter for a considerable number of years, and the drought (remember?) back in June, the gardens look remarkably good. The hanging baskets look very bright and cheerful (despite a gale damaging the automatic watering system) and should last until the end of the season - as should the dahlias - frosts permitting. Those dahlias lost in the winter have been replaced with different varieties giving a more balanced selection of colour and types. Work continues in the car park with additional mulching and tidying of hedges. The passimeter is progressing well hopefully an article will appear next year in Quainton News, and the Post Office underground mail truck is gradually changing colour from green to red.

The Education Coach is virtually completed inside (see inside front cover picture), and is in regular use by schools, but there is still work to be done externally to smarten it up.

The Metropolitan Railway display that was located in Rewley Road last year has been revamped and is now in the Museum. It is only awaiting finishing touches and bespoke lighting.

The Southern Railway horse box has been moved into the museum providing a home (at last) for our second horse which will be moved when a raised walkway has been built for the public to view inside.

As always, I would like to thank all the team who come along every Wednesday and Thursday keeping the site looking smart and tidy - hopefully you would notice the difference if they didn't come! If you fancy joining us, I can be contacted in the first instance via the office. We look forward to hearing from you - it is a very pleasant way of spending a day - and tea, coffee and biscuits are provided!

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Parks & Gardens - Peter Hoskings - Chairman - Parks & Gardens - Quainton News No. 104 - Autumn / Winter 2010 / 11

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