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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 19 - Spring 1974

Society News

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J R Fairman - Isebrook No. 2

From the Locomotive Committee

Bodmin's right side motion, piston and valves have been overhauled and reassembled. New side sheeting is being fitted to the cab and Jayne is quite an expert with a pop rivet gun! More news will be given of Bodmin and the King in the next News. Progress has continued on Isebrook. Repairs to the steel plates of the cab and boiler compartment have been done by welding and patching and a new cab floor has been laid. A great deal of hard work has been done on the Society's Barclay twins. On Punch Hull all boiler cladding has been removed and the tubeplate and firebox is being prepared for inspection. All fittings have been removed and many have been restored. The cylinders and rods have been found to be in good condition. Tom Parry has also been stripped down and inspected for the first time since it arrived at Quainton. Restoration of the third Barclay, Alexander, is well advanced and work is now in hand on the brake gear and saddle tank. This engine may steam again in 1974. Coventry No. 1's gang has been joined by Glenn, who, with his father, has fitted new back dampers and is preparing the engine for traffic at Easter. Maintenance on the Pannier is in the hands of Simon Field, Del Etheridge, Rowland Dixon and Jane Stevens and they are doing a grand job. Del's own engine, Peckett 2104, is also receiving attention to its motion and mountings. Welcome from the Department to 76017; we hope you will have every success in your restoration of this fine engine.

From the Carriage and Wagon

The gale force winds have done a lot of damage to the coaches that were sheeted. One 30ft sheet on the LNWR dining car has parted at the seams and the roof covering on the MSLR six wheeler was blown right across to the up yard! Temporary repairs have been carried out but the six wheeler will require a new roof covering. The GNR and LCDR carriages have survived fairly well, thanks to the extra varnish applied last year. We hope we will have the Wembley shed ready to house these vehicles next winter. The SR van, S1108S, owned by the Bodmin group, has had shelves and a workbench fitted inside. The fight against deterioration and damp continues on the LNWR dining car. The six wheeled bogies and underframe are being protected by red oxide paint and one side panel has been painted in carmine lake and a transfer added to see what it looks like! Does anybody know where we can obtain more of the special lamp brackets we need for this lovely carriage? Progress on the MSLR coach is underway again and the target is to complete it for the Beattie centenary. New internal panelling and external painting are the tasks at present in hand. Welcome to a new member, Paul Johnston, to the C & W. David Alexander's GWR Toad has a new stove and is having wall to wall carpeting for his comfort and for his pet mouse. The mouse came up the sand pipes, eat the soap, made his mark, and left by the same route, on two weeks running. Nice! Chris Britten's LNWR van arrived from Wolverton on 21st January and we will give more details next time.

From the Ground Frame

The two home signals at Quainton South have been stripped and restored by Tim Stevens. The station points are being fitted with electrical detection to avoid the possibility of signals being cleared in conflict with the setting of points. A new telephone system is being installed at the site - more details later. Many of the S & T stalwarts are working on the Beattie restoration but they have still found time to restore many of our small relics which look very nice in the S & T van.

From the Permanent Way Department

The new points into the Wembley shed are bedding in well but our major effort has, of course, been the lifting of the track in preparation for the footings of the restoration building. Most of the sleepers were virtually non existent when they were disturbed and many of the chairs were rusted solidly to the rails! Some of the rails were made by Krupps of Essen and chairs have been found which originated on the GWR, LNER, Met & GC, Met, MR, MSLR, GNR, GER, and LMS! Mick Rowley is continuing the repair of the engine of the Wickham PW trolley and is facing problems with spare parts.

From the Depot Boss

The loco coal wagon has been re-requisitioned for coal and the generator has been out and put into the yard. In the sales shop the wood floor has been taken out and the cellar cleared out. A new solid floor is to be laid in time for Easter reopening. At the station the seemingly bottomless pit below the floor level in the ladies loo is being steadily filled in with rubble.

From the Operations Committee

A meeting of the Committee held on 25th November considered the lessons and experiences of the 1973 season. Dave Glennie reported the completion of the new rule book, the plans for identifying the duties of station masters and the decision to have at least one adult member on the platform when trains are running, especially when the trains are of open wagons with drop down flap doors. Ideas for additional attractions on open days were discussed and thoughts were aired on chartering a DMU for a Quaintonian rail tour. One event which will take place in 1974 is the Centenary celebrations of the Beattie engine and in 1975 the Society will endeavour to commemorate, in an appropriate way, the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Stockton and Darlington Railway.

Social Evening

Fifty members went to the Quainton Memorial Hall on 15th December to see the raffle drawn, collect their prizes(?), and to enjoy a programme of films from the projector of Dave Dunbar and Ted Rogers. Unfortunately the main feature, Union Pacific, was lost in the post but D & T put on a very good show and everybody voted it first class, especially the Tom and Jerry!

From the Bookstall [Note 1]

The book, 11 Harrowhouse Street, (see Quainton News, No. 18), is to be published by Pan in February at 40p and we will have it available at the bookstall. This year we are again expanding our range of goods although we are anticipating some delivery problems. Some of the new items are:- 300 piece jigsaw featuring the 0-4-0ST, No. 3, at 30p; printed rayon badges at 12p and metallised vinyl car stickers at 10p. The firm favourites, colour slides, are in four sets and we have those handy notelets featuring No.3 or Coventry No. 1. The slides are 33p a set of 3 and the notelets 24p for 5, complete with envelopes. By the way, don't buy any books on railway subjects except through us. We will make a useful profit and it wont cost you anything extra. The brand new 1974 guide to the Quainton Railway Centre is a must for every member and visitor. It is only 10p. I don't know how they do it!

1 - Obviously we can no longer supply these items at the prices offered in 1974, if at all!

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1974 and so does not reflect events in the 40+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

Society News - Quainton News No. 19 - Spring 1974

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