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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 31 - Spring 1977

Reports from the Sections

Locomotive Department:

A complete set of 76 new tubes has been obtained for Sydenham. Each tube is 5ft long, 1¾in dia and is made of 8 gauge steel. The front tubeplate is to be welded up and twelve rivets replaced. The Aveling & Porter's water tank, cab side sheets and floor plates are to be renewed. David's Alexander now has its saddle tank properly fitted over the boiler lagging. David is now refitting steam pipes inside the smokebox and he is also fitting a cab door on the fireman's side. Progress on Chislet's valve gear overhaul has continued. It has been stripped down, slack taken up, painted, refitted and reassembled. The connecting rod bearings are now being checked and there is a real possibility of steaming later this year.

Dennis Howell and his team have been busy on cleaning, chipping and derusting the boiler barrel of 6024 using compressed air tools. Over the Xmas holiday four days were spent working on the driving wheel journals. A new tender shovelling plate has been fitted and estimates are being sought for the manufacture of a new ash pan.

On the Class 4 Mogul, the new boiler cladding sheets are being fitted over fibre glass insulation. News of Millom is that Ronnie Mitchell has covered in the open back cab with plywood and we hear that Hornpipe may be changing owners.

The Society's Coventry, 7715 and the Beattie are laid up ready for service at Easter, also Sentinels 7 and 11, but Del's Peckett may be prepared for boiler inspection later this year.

Carriage and Wagon Department:

The present plans are to use the same stock for the 1977 operating season, that is, the GNR, LCDR and LNW, but the MSLR may be available later in the year. The Gresley BSK has one side completely primed and new plywood panels are to be obtained and fitted. The roof has been stripped off and some boards are to be renewed. Proceeds from the bottle stall are to be devoted to the restoration of the BSK so please give every help to Paul Johnston's splendid efforts by bringing bottles (full) to stock the stall on open days. On 28th January the LNER Buffet Car, W9118E, owned by Arthur Franklin, left the site by road for Chappel and Wakes, Colne. Earlier in the month it had been positioned in the platform ready for shipping out. While it was at Quainton it had a brief period in use as a static refreshment car and it was used very occasionally as a meeting room but it had received very little attention and its floor was not too safe. We hope it will be restored on the Stour Valley line and we look forward to seeing it more cared for.

Early in January the LSWR ex-Army van was moved from the down to up yard for use by the 76017 Group. It had been vacated by the C & W Dept when they moved their stores into the shed buildings.

In March or April it is hoped to have another track slew to bring the five coaches into the up yard from Bicester; more news in the next issue.

It would be good to have a family volunteer team to take over the worthwhile project of restoring the LNW Diner which stands waiting for attention in the Restoration Building. Any offers to John Parsons, please!

Permanent Way Department:

Neville Royce and his team of four regular working members had been making good progress on the Wembley shed tracks until the very wet weather set in and the clay and ash mixture became the consistency of porridge. Just before Xmas a scrap drive was undertaken and all old rail was tidied up and with the Heathrow FB rail sold for scrap at a good price. The up yard long siding which was lifted left many rotten sleepers but also yielded many old chairs for disposal. Thirty 'new' BR second hand sleepers have been purchased for use from stock. The project currently under way is the laying of No.4 Road adjacent to the Restoration Building and this road will be used for engine preparation and cleaning. Concrete 'pot' sleepers formerly on the up yard head shunt are being used because they will not be set alight by hot ashes. It is hoped to relay past the water crane to the buffer stops off No. 1 Road. The KS Diesel has been used together with the rail crane on this PW work.

qn_31_13.jpg (43,053 bytes)

J R Fairman - The Gresley Buffet Car, Quainton, August 1973


Members will have seen the attractive illustrated pamphlet 'Steam Railways in the Thames and Chilterns' published by the Thames and Chilterns Tourist Board. The map shows the six steam locations in the district with Quainton sitting neatly in the centre of the area. Please do all you can to give our Open Days and Steaming Sundays the publicity they deserve.


On 5th February an inspection was made of the steelwork of the Great Western Railway Society's Carriage Shed being erected at Didcot and as a result of this the up yard Phase I Building, 90ft x 75ft, will be steel framed not concrete.

The news of the major operation of moving the wheel drop from Hither Green is described elsewhere in this issue. Work in the Restoration Building has continued with Ray Hedley pressing on with the wiring and other electrical installations. The smaller sheds have all been completed and roofed and Dick Scott has continued his marvellous effort, often single handed, on the building activities.

Social Events:

The report of the Christmas Party arrived just too late for the last issue but the event on 11th December was a happy one and about 70 members were present with their families. Everybody, especially the youngsters, enjoyed the games and all present appreciated the slide show by Bill George which included pictures of the building of the Great Central Railway taken from the Newton Collection in the Leicester Museum. The evening closed by films shown by Dave Dunbar of the Shildon Cavalcade and the HST. A visit is planned, probably early in April, to the Post Office Tube Railway which runs about 70ft below the streets of London between Paddington and Whitechapel. The depot and station at Mount Pleasant will be the location of the actual visit and anyone who would like to be included in the party should contact Austin Harland or Chris Tayler. An inaugural meeting of a South Bucks Area Group was held on 18th February at Amersham when a general discussion on preservation and on Quainton was enjoyed by a small number of members. A further meeting at the same location, St. Leonards Hall, will be held on 18th March, then probably ceasing until September or October. Further news will be given in due course.

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1977 and so does not reflect events in the 38+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

Reports from the Sections - Quainton News No. 31 - Spring 1977

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