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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 32 - Summer 1977

Reports from the Sections

Locomotive Department:

Work has been resumed on L44's restoration and the boiler repairs are in hand. No suitable quotation has been received for attention to the driving axle journals which are in a reasonable condition. Cleaning and repainting of the main frames and bogie has been done. Coventry and the Beattie keep the flag flying and receive routine maintenance and the Pannier should be in action for our enthusiasts weekend. Alexander is having its brake gear and cab fittings completed by Dave and his Barclay should soon join Swanscombe in steam. Jill is now owned by Frank Boait and following its boiler hydraulic test is to have its motion plate taken out for straightening. Hornpipe has also changed hands and its new owner, David Potter has removed the saddle tank and lagging is descaling the boiler barrel and stripping down for a hydraulic test. Chislet has had its two front buffers refitted, attention to the bearings on both sides and repairs to tank pipework. There is talk of steaming in 1977 for the big Yorky. The Class 4 Mogul, 76017, is coming along very well indeed and the footplate and running plates were refitted for the Spring Open Days. Mick Hatton is working hard on James and he is replacing 75 boiler tubes. Ronnie Mitchell is also progressing steadily on Millom with cleaning and painting. The vacuum brake ejector on Del's Peckett has proved itself an excellent design and more to this pattern are on order. John's Peckett is being prepared for its boiler hydraulic test. We understand Brill may be changing hands but there is no definite news. Tarmac is in good fettle and helped during the track slew early in July. Alan Doddes is working on the overhaul of the clutch of the Kerr Stuart diesel. The Sentinel group are making a good job of the restoration of Isebrook and have started on pipework and boiler fittings. No. 7 is stripped down for boiler inspection but No. 11 is ready again for steaming.

Carriage and Wagon Department:

There is excellent news about the LNWR Kitchen Dining Car because Mike Gordon is working on it with wonderful effect. The public have been very impressed by the fantastic quality of the wood panelling disclosed by careful removal of the old white protective paint and the LMS maroon and the grey undercoat. On the end verandahs the cast scroll work has had the incrusted paint removed and the result is quite beautiful. The paint is quite hard on the side of the coach but it has protected the woodwork which is generally in good order. By the end of June nearly ¾ of one side had been stripped and about ¼ repainted with primer.

The MSLR six wheeler is nearly ready for service and looks very smart. Most of the upholstery has been done and fittings like grab handles and footboards are being put into position.

The LNER Brake Third is still being stripped for new panelling in Thompson imitation teak. A firm will be supplying new roof canvas and we are fortunate in having someone from Wolverton to give us his expertise in fitting it. Internally there is a great deal to do and rewiring will probably be necessary before panelling and a new hardboard ceiling. Paul Johnston's devotion to this coach deserves our thanks and the proceeds from his bottle stall on Open Days are helping the project a great deal.

Signal and Telegraph Department:

The section is ready to start installing the new mechanical signalling system and three full length signal posts have been purchased from BR and are on site. A fourth, a bracket type, is planned to be purchased in the near future. A major setback is the news that the North London Incline signal box which we had hoped to bring to Quainton to house the 20 lever Tring frame, has been accidentally destroyed by contractors who were dismantling a nearby goods shed. The telecommunications staff have installed an additional public address system in the down yard. Any requests to broadcast messages during open days should be made through the station master. The internal telephone system is fully operational on all open days and members can make good use of this facility. Tim Stevens signalling exhibition for the August Open Days will be well worth a visit and in addition to static displays of equipment there will be a demonstration of block instruments and bells with accompanying stereo steam sounds!


A number of jobs have been completed by Dick Scott & Co. The down yard Restoration building sports green shed doers, neat walkways, a welding shop and the forge is in position; excellent progress. Electrical wiring work inside the building has continued, the mess room cooker and heater have been connected and some 100 volts points installed. Ray Hedley makes the important safety comment that no 240 volt drills or other equipment are to be used on the site outside the workshop and small stores buildings.

Over at the station some improvements have been made to the refreshment room. An opening has been cut between the Booking Office and the Refreshment Room and a door fitted. The room itself has been cleaned up and cupboards and the floor painted. The top of the door has also been repaired and glazed. A new gate has been made and fitted near the Gents. In the shop a new floor has been laid and the interior has been refitted. Future work planned includes redecorating the ladies and gents loo's, repairing gates, painting the footbridge and repairing the station building roof; so there is no shortage of Depot work for all who volunteer.

Permanent Way Department:

Work on the long siding, our running line, has continued to keep it in a reasonably satisfactory condition. One length has been laid into the Wembley building but wet weather has delayed further progress. In the up yard more of the two back sidings have been lifted to clear the site for the Phase 1 of the new building. The next job is to lift No. 4 Road in the down yard where it leads into the Storage Depot and this will make room for the proposed coaling stage. Neville Royce sent a good colour picture of the PW regulars taken by D Kidd which unfortunately cannot be reproduced but the Editor can vouch that they are a handsome lot!


A special paragraph for this very important section. Please take note of the appeal for the new refreshments building. As well as cash, there is a demand for handicrafts, home produce, wool, bric-a-brac and books and all these are much appreciated for Open Days by Joan Glennie. Catering say thank you to Depot for their work in the station building and are very grateful indeed to Bob and Pam Mellish for the fridge [??]. Helpers are needed on 'normal' Sundays so please come along and join in the catering activities.

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J R Fairman - Easter Monday 1977

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1977 and so does not reflect events in the 36+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

Reports from the Sections - Quainton News No. 32 - Summer 1977

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