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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 39 - Autumn / Winter 1980

The Quainton 100 Club

Have you joined the Quainton 100 Club? If you want to help yourself to a chance of a cash prize every month, all you have to do is to write to Bruce Murray at xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxxxxx, xxx xxx (with a stamped addressed envelope) and Bruce will send you full particulars. Sounds interesting doesn't it!

This is how the 100 Club works. It consists of up to 100 people, each having a personal number. For only £1 a month their number is put into a draw, which is held at Quainton at the end of every month. In front of lots of witnesses(!), the prize-winning numbers are decided and, providing we have 100 members of the Club, we will award three prizes - £25, £15 and £5. So your chance of being a prize-winner is nearly 30 to 1 and, at the same time, you will be contributing something to our Quainton fund-raising efforts.

Bruce thinks this Club will be the opportunity many 'armchair' members have, in particular, been waiting for. By joining the Club they will be giving excellent practical support to the Society and to those members who are able to work at the site.

The best way of taking part is to pay by cheque for periods of three, six or nine months - or for a full year. If you like, Bruce can make Banker's Order arrangements, but we leave the details to you to choose which suits you best.

The 100 Club is not only open to members, but also to their families, relations and friends. The more people who apply the longer the waiting list will be - or, as an alternative, we could start a 200 Club!

We hope the idea of investing a little cash in our Society and simultaneously making a nice nest egg for yourself will appeal to you. If you would like to speak to Bruce on the subject, see him at Quainton or phone him on xx-xxx xxxx.

So dear reader, that is the latest news on our money making scheme. Quick! Join now. By next month you could be richer by at least £25 ... and the month after . . . etc.

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1980 and so does not reflect events in the 34+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

The Quainton 100 Club - Quainton News No. 39 - Autumn / Winter 1980

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