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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 46 - Spring / Summer 1982

Join the Quainton Volunteers - No. 10 - Gatekeepers

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A plea from Gordon Rodwell who is our Security Officer and Quainton Liaison Officer with Granada TV

The Centre is open every Sunday from April to October and when there are no engines in steam adults are admitted for 50p and OAPs and children for 25p.

On three Sundays early in the season the takings on the gate at the station averaged £30. On the fourth Sunday we only took £10. Yet, on all four of these Sundays the catering department took about £20. The difference was that on the fourth Sunday there was nobody on the gate to collect admission money. So we lost £20 on that day, simply because nobody cared enough to man the gate and collect it.

Later this summer we are expecting a large number of visitors to come to Quainton to see the Granada TV film set. It will not be important to many of these people whether we are steaming or not, so the non-steaming Sundays will be more likely to be well attended. If John McNally comes we will be able to take the admission fees. If he isn't there they may get in for nothing.

When we make our site secure (and members keep the gate closed after they have used it!) we can restrict the public access to Saturdays and Sundays - but we must have a gatekeeper.

Our Society is desperately in need of cash! We cannot afford to ignore this opportunity to earn some extra income. Surely, you - the reader - can spare one half day this season to just sit and collect money from visitors wishing to enter the site. We must support this appeal for help. (Ed.)

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Join the Quainton Volunteers - No. 10 - Gatekeepers - Quainton News No. 46 - Spring / Summer 1982

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