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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 98 - October 2007

Parks and Gardens - Peter Hoskings - Autumn 2007

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Andrew Bratton - This picture of the old station shows the new Quainton Road sign and left shot the newly refurbished and located office

We are pleased that the hanging baskets and window troughs have made a welcome return this year, after the drought and hosepipe ban of last year. Instead, we have waterlogged fields and floods to fight! The baskets have again been donated by Newman's Nurseries in Quainton village and as usual look a treat and bring many favourable comments from visitors. Although we have kept the window boxes, we have removed the tubs as these had all passed their expiry date! Our regular gardeners are keeping on top of the seasonal tasks and all of the beds look extremely smart, with the dahlias giving a very good show this year. This is the second season that we have not dug up the tubers over winter and they all survived the frosts, perhaps one small benefit of global warming? Our "parks" section could do with extra help with grass cutting and we particularly need strimmers as due to the nature of most of the terrain this is the most effective means of control. It is good exercise and very therapeutic!

The new Quainton Road name boards are receiving many admiring comments, but I have been banned from giving a completion date due to other projects! I have also been banned from giving a completion date for the car park fence, but it is progressing well. Watch this space! The tardis now has electricity and a phone and has been painted inside.

In the Buffer Depot, the tunnel has been constructed and looks very realistic with the underground cab now insitu. We will build a viewing platform alongside together with display boards.

Over the years we have been donated a number of old period bicycles, but we do not have anyone able to give them a bit of tlc. Could YOU be that person? Let me know if you are interested.

As always, my thanks to all helpers and my usual invite to join us on Wednesday or Thursday for tea, coffee and a Hob-Nob or Jammie Dodger!

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Parks and Gardens - Peter Hoskings - Autumn 2007 - Quainton News No. 98 - October 2007

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