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Quainton Stock List 1969 - 2nd Edition

Section Two - Carriages and Wagons

London & North Western Railway Kitchen / Dining Car

Built at Wolverton Works, London & North Western Railway in 1901. Length 65½ft. End entrance doors. Carried on two six wheeled bogies.

When new this carriage was placed in normal passenger service on the L&NWR. About 1905 it was taken out of service and placed in use for the staff attending the Royal Train party. It continued in this capacity until 1966, when it was replaced by a standard Restaurant Car. Fortunately it was purchased for preservation by the Society and was delivered to Luton depot on 9th March 1967. During 1968 it was loaned to British Rail and took part in the Midland Railway London Extension Centenary Celebrations Exhibition at Bedford. After this event it was moved to a private siding in the Aylesbury area for storage. It will be moved to Quainton when our rail connection is put in. This Coach is in exceptional condition due to being on special duties for most of its life, and is a superb example of pre-grouping coach luxury.

London, Chatham & Dover Railway, First Class Coach

Built in 1885 by the London Chatham & Dover Railway. Five First Class compartments. Four wheels.

This carriage is a typical example of the four-wheeled coaches used by most of the old Railway Companies in the 1880's. The wheel centres are of wood, indeed the greater part of the whole Coach is of wooden construction. It was sold in about 1920 to the Woolwich Arsenal for use on the internal railway there. The Society purchased this vehicle from Woolwich in 1962 and it was moved to Bishops Stortford depot on 10th August 1962. A great deal of work has already been carried out on this coach at Bishops Stortford and it was moved to Quainton on 25th June 1969 where we hope to complete its restoration soon.

Midland Railway Box Van

Built by the Midland Railway at Derby Works in 1922. Latterly numbered M34676. A standard example of a Midland Railway Box Van many thousands of which were constructed. On loan from the Transport Trust. It arrived at Quainton in April 1969.

Midland Railway Open Wagon

A four wheeled open sided Midland Railway wagon used for the carriage of general goods. Constructed in 1912 and latterly numbered M18300. On Loan from the Transport Trust and arrived at Quainton on 17th July 1969.

Midland Railway Brake Van

One of the Standard Midland Railway Brake Vans built in 1923 and latterly numbered M 1692. The brakes operate on both sides of the four wheels so that there are in fact eight brake blocks. On loan from the Transport Trust and arrived at Quainton on 17th July 1969.

Great Western Railway Brake Van

This is one of the distinctive GWR Brake Vans with veranda at one end only. It was built about 1915 and weighs approximately twenty five Tons. It was sold out of service to the Oxfordshire Ironstone Co for use on their line (see under Sir Thomas Loco). When the line closed this vehicle was purchased for preservation by member Mr D Alexander. It is at present in temporary store in a private siding in the Aylesbury district but will be arriving at Quainton during 1969.

Open Wagon

An unnumbered four wheeled open wagon generously donated to the Society by Laportes Chemical works at Luton. It is at present temporarily stored at Laportes works.

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1969 and so does not reflect events in the 48+ years since publication. The text is repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary.

This was a typed and duplicated list, the quality of which very much reflects the technology of the day. It is presented here for historical interest only.

Quainton Stock List 1969 - 2nd Edition

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