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Quainton Stock List 1969 - 2nd Edition

Long Term Acquisitions

As detailed in the introduction we list below the items we expect to arrive in the future separately on this 'Long Term' list. This will give some idea of what can be seen at Quainton in the future and will keep this Stocklist up to date for the maximum possible time.

London & South Western Railway Luggage Van

A four-wheeled van used in passenger trains for the conveyance of heavy luggage. This van has recently been acquired by the Lea Valley Railway Carriage & Wagon Society and we hope that it will be arriving at Quainton before the end of 1969.

Hudswell Clarke 0-4-0ST

A small saddle tank built by Hudswell Clarke & Co, Railway Foundry, Leeds, in 1946, works number 1742. Supplied new to the Ministry of Supply at the West Chirton Depot, Wallsend, Northumberland. Transferred to the W D Depot at Eskmeals, Cumberland about 1948 and sold to the Millom Hematite Ore & Iron Co Ltd, Millom Ironworks in February 1959. Transferred to the Hodbarrow Hematite Mines near Millom in October 1963. Purchased for preservation by member Mr R Mitchell in 1968. Expected to arrive at Quainton in 1970.

No 14. Manning Wardle 0-4-0ST

Built by Manning Wardle & Co Ltd, Boyne Engine Works, Leeds, in 1912, works number 1795. Believed new to T W Ward at Sheffield. Worked at John Lysaughts Scunthorpe Steelworks in 1913 and transferred in the same year to the Wensley Lime Co, Wensley Quarries, Preston-under-Scar, Yorkshire. It was rebuilt in 1936 by Ridley Shaw of Middlesbrough. Transferred in 1957 to the South Durham Steel & Iron Co, at their Irchester Ironstone Mines, Northants. Withdrawn in 1969 and purchased by a group of members. Expected to arrive before 1970.


No 985 London & North Eastern Railway 0-4-0T

Built by the London & North Eastern Railway Co at Darlington Works in September 1923, running number 985. Built to a North Eastern Railway design dating back to the 1880's. The cylinders are placed between the frames and Joys valve gear is utilised. Used for light shunting, latterly at Tyne Dock. Renumbered 8088 in 1946 and 68008 in 1949 under British Railways ownership. Used as works shunter at Stratford Old Works, London from 1948 until 1952 when it was sold to the National Coal Board for use at Bentinck Colliery in the East Midlands. Purchased for preservation by a member in 1963 and at present stored near Nottingham. We hope that this rare little locomotive will be coming to Quainton in the not to distant future when funds are raised to move it.

Note 1

London & North Eastern Railway Buffet Car

This coach is one of the many buffet cars built by the London & North Eastern Railway in the years between the two wars for use on most long distance trains. The exterior of these coaches were finished in a very attractive teak style. Exact details of this particular coach are not yet to hand but it will be placed in store in a private siding in the Aylesbury district until our rail connection with British is put in.

British Railways 2-6-2T No 41298

A 2-6-2 side tank Locomotive built by British Railways at the Crewe works in 1951 to a London Midland & Scottish Railway design. This class of Locomotive was originally introduced by H A Ivatt in 1946 for use on the LMS. They were designed to replace the older classes on mixed traffic and light passenger work. In fact they proved so successful that the design was perpetuated by British Railways for use all over the Rail System. 41298 worked latterly on the Southern Region of British Railways until steam traction came to an end there in mid-1967. It was then purchased by members R Miller & P Clarke and was moved to the Longmoor Military Railway for storage. Although it may be some time before this fine Locomotive moves to its final home at Quainton it will certainly form an impressive addition to our comprehensive collection.

This completes the Stocklist of all our Rolling Stock both existing and expected. Naturally new items will be added in the future and full details of these will be given in the Societies Newsletter. We especially want to acquire further coaching stock capable of carrying passengers at our centre on 'Open days'. In addition to the Rolling Stock other items of Railway interest are to be preserved at Quainton. Our Signals & Telecommunications department are fixing up examples of the semaphore type signals both as historical items and to do duty controlling movements of trains within the Preservation Centre. Also other smaller items have been acquired, such as lamps, station nameboards etc., and these will be put on display when suitable buildings are erected.

1 - This locomotive did not in fact come to Quainton, though it was preserved and today based at the North Norfolk Railway. It was only in 2016 when 985's sister locomotive No. 1310 visited Quainton, did a member of the class make it to the Centre.

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1969 and so does not reflect events in the 48+ years since publication. The text is repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary.

This was a typed and duplicated list, the quality of which very much reflects the technology of the day. It is presented here for historical interest only.

Quainton Stock List 1969 - 2nd Edition

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