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The Oystermouth Tramway, later known as the Swansea and Mumbles Railway, was the first railway in the country to carry fare-paying passengers. From 25 March 1807 the public could ride in converted stage coaches on this now long-disappeared Welsh line. Gradually, as more and more railway systems were opened, modified road vehicles gave way to purpose-built rolling stock. Typical of this period were the Liverpool and Manchester Railway coaches, pictures of which are commonly found in history books. Early coaches were all wood, four and six-wheeled, and these are represented in our vintage train carriages. The other end of the extreme is represented by the all steel BR 'MK I' and 'MK II' bogie coaches.

Mark I and II Carriages Mark I and II Carriages Non Bogie Vintage Carriages Non Bogie Vintage Carriages
Bogie Vintage Carriages Bogie Vintage Carriages Multiple Units Multiple Units

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