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Illustrated Programme No. 1 Easter 1972

Road Vehicles at Quainton

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S Nicholls - The Elephant

Sentinel Steam Tractor The Elephant 757 CTT

The Elephant was built by Sentinel Ltd. of Shrewsbury in 1924, weight 5 tons, Works No. 5644, and was new to the Teignmouth Quay Co. in Devon where it spent over 30 years shunting wagons in the docks until retired in May 1963. In October of the same year it was purchased by member Mr A Bolton who restored it to the excellent condition of today. The years 1964 to 1969 were spent rallying in Bucks and the surrounding counties, but The Elephant is now a regular visitor to Quainton, coming on most Steam Weekends.

Sentinel Steam Wagon No. 8590. GT 2827

Built November 1931, weight 7 tons, this is a type DG6P (Double-geared, six-wheeler, on pneumatic tyres) with a flat platform body, and was one of a batch of ten DG6P's ordered by the Cement Marketing Co. for distribution of bagged cement. It is known to have worked from their Southampton depot.

It was sold in about 1948 to Bitumous Road Products of Middlesbrough who converted it to a tar-sprayer for use in road making, and was later owned by W & J Glossop of Halifax and again used as a tar-sprayer, and named Joyce. It was then sold to a dealer in Bromsgrove who offered it for preservation, when it was rebuilt with original flat platform body. Purchase by the present owner was in October 1971.

Aveling & Porter Steam Roller Master George DL 3782

Master George, an 8 ton single cylinder, piston valve steam roller was built in 1924, works No. 11085, and first registered in the Isle of Wight. It was later owned by Taylor Kent Ltd. of Haslemere, Surrey; and was then sold to Mr F R Godden of Yeovil, and later of Horsham. It was purchased and restored to its present condition by its current owner, Mr R Green, in 1966. Master George has attended many local rallies including the one at Marsh Gibbon last September, and we are pleased to see it at Quainton this Easter.

It is regretted that details of other vehicles attending are not yet available, but the owners will be only too pleased to talk to you about their charges.

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1972 and so does not reflect events in the 40+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

Illustrated Programme No. 1 Easter 1972

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