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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 102 - October 2009

BR(WR) Modified Hall Class 4-6-0 No. 6989 Wightwick Hall

6989 Update - Jeff Jackson

Progress this year has been patchy mainly due to the reduced availability of our volunteers on occasion. However, when the team has been able to work we have made some good progress as planned on the tender.

The construction of the tank is the most noticeable progress, but just as much of the work is not easily visible to the casual observer and one must get under the tender to see what we have achieved. The brakes are now fitted and work manually on the hand brake. To finish them off we need to fit a few spacers and split pins. The steam heat and water feed pipes are completed and need only a couple of small bore vacuum pipes making up and fitting to finish off the vacuum brakes.

The loco has not been completely neglected. The cab floor, tender to loco joint plate and injector to clack valve pipes are now fitted. The injector steam input pipes me trial fitted and in the process of being adjusted to route them around the cab fittings and controls.

6989 played a part in the 40th anniversary celebrations by giving cab rides to members, and this gave an ideal opportunity to see how we are progressing. This also gave a unique opportunity for an unhindered view of the internal construction of the tank with the baffles clearly visible.

The fund raising team has had a very good year so far and we are up on last year. Consequently we have enough funds at the bank to finish the tender and a number of items on the loco. With the boiler refurbishment next on the agenda we will need either a wealthy benefactor or a lot more help with raising funds. Come along and help us with fund raising for the last leg of what has been a marathon restoration. Any time, or funds, you can spare will be very welcome. Contact Chris Tayler.

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Allan Baker - 6989 outside her restoration shed being made ready for cab rides

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6989 Update - Jeff Jackson - Quainton News No. 102 - October 2009

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