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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 102 - October 2009

Parks and Gardens October 2009 - Peter Hoskings

With autumn almost upon us, the fight against the weeds and grass should abate, giving more time for restoration work around the site. We hope to have the 1938 underground cab finished by Christmas and are currently waiting for lighting to be fitted. The next project will be the Post Office Railway underground car which fits in very well with our TPO coaches as they brought mail from the West Country to Paddington, where the sacks were transferred to the underground cars for automatic transfer to the Mount Pleasant Sorting Office.

The Passimeter continues apace with more re-varnishing being done, more glass replaced, and some window frames which disintegrated when touched have been very skilfully replaced.

The bulk of the woodwork on the Education Coach is now completed thanks mainly to Brian Laws, Colin Lewis and Graham Youngman, with only a few jobs such as the emergency exit remaining. It is now ready for painting, which should take place in September.

We have also had a hand in the "Metroland" display currently in Rewley Road, showing the history of the Metropolitan Railway as part of our 40th anniversary celebrations. Member Bill Simpson, aided by Rob Riley and others, have put together a fascinating display showing the line from the Inner Circle to Brill and Verney Junction via, of course, Quainton Road.

The whole team has worked very hard during the year keeping the site neat and tidy, but we would welcome anyone who fancies helping on a Wednesday or Thursday from around 09:30. You will be made very welcome and you never know - you might enjoy yourself. I can be contacted via the BRC Office any weekday, or drop in and introduce yourself.

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Parks and Gardens October 2009 - Peter Hoskings - Quainton News No. 102 - October 2009

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