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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 102 - October 2009

August Bank Holiday Pre78 Rally - Dave Potter

The day dawned very overcast with a promise of sun later. With some trepidation, I fired up the Morris Minor and headed toward the site followed by Bev with all the trappings for the day. Once again, the standard of vehicles was high and gave the judges difficulty in choosing the winners of the trophies. There were many different vehicles this year as owners had completed new restorations and were anxious to show off their efforts. It was felt that as this year was QRS 40th year that we would dress appropriately so Bev and I were hippies and Adrian was a Teddy Boy. David Rogers presented the Ted Rogers Trophy to the winner.

Trophies were presented at 4 pm to:

1st B Moseley 1937 AC 16/70 (QRS Trophy)
2nd D Curtis 1968 Morris Mini Cooper
3rd C Watson 1970 MGB Roadster
1st D Bond 1961 Commer TS3 (Collier Trophy)
2nd C Bayley 1961 Austin 301
3rd J Marling 1942 Ford EPW
Blood Sweat and Tears:
  D Bond 1961 Cammer TS3
Ted Rogers Memorial Trophy:
  B Moseley 1937 AC 16/70
1st Pre-War D Hunt 1924 James 500cc (Collier Trophy)
1st Post-War J Dynes 1951 Vincent Comet (Summers Trophy)
2nd J Dutch 1958 Norton ES2
3rd G Kelly 1976 Honda 4/4
Derek Addison Cup:
  R Worton 1943 NSU Quick
  L Taylor   BSA

qn_102_37.jpg (37,455 bytes)

D Potter - The commercial vehicles Section

Grateful thanks to Bev for organising the rally and to Pauline & Skip, John, Rod, Arthur, Peter, Graham, Derek & Pat, Chaz, Roy, and Adrian for their help on the day.

qn_102_38.jpg (54,299 bytes)

Allan Baker - A fine selection of Morgan 3 wheelers and various makes of motor cycles

qn_102_39.jpg (59,194 bytes)

R Frise - A few of the beautifully turned out cars

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August Bank Holiday Pre78 Rally - Dave Potter - Quainton News No. 102 - October 2009

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