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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 103 - April 2010

East West Rail

I am grateful to Andrew Bratton for the following information. On Thursday morning, 11th March, a special train was laid on by Milton Keynes Partnership to show potential sponsors etc part of the route due to be upgraded for the reintroduction of passenger services between Oxford and Bletchley (with a spur to Aylesbury). The train ran to Claydon and then to Bicester with a commentary provided by Chiltern Trains (the mothballed section between Claydon and Bletchley could not be traversed) The party of c75 then had lunch at BRC. Around midday came devastating news as the proposed route of the high speed line was announced. The plan on the internet showed the line passing behind our Romney huts and dissecting our car park field to join the GC trackbed at the bridge just North of Quainton Road. This is the same trackbed that the Aylesbury link was due to use. With a planned opening of 2027 not all of us will have to suffer 200mph trains disturbing our tranquil setting, but it does scupper any hopes of ours to work northwards.

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 2010 and so does not reflect events in the 4+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

East West Rail - Quainton News No. 103 - April 2010

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