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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 24 - Summer 1975

Andrew Barclay 0-4-0ST No. 699 Swanscombe

Swanscombe Returns To Service

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Dan Jarvis - Give him a big hand!
Dan Jarvis - Swanscombe with No. 3, Easter 1975

Everybody has followed Brian Clifford's energetic and rapid progress on the restoration of Swanscombe and we have reported the stages of overhaul in previous issues of Quainton News. The culmination of months of hard work and the expenditure of quite a few shekels was a trial run in steam in March and Dan Jarvis' picture shows the veteran Barclay returning triumphantly to the depot after a trip up the long siding.

It was thought that Swanscombe might not appear on passenger trains at Easter but the engine was in steam on the Saturday and Monday and worked in tandem with No. 3 on the first day and solo on the Bank Holiday. Some alterations to buffers and couplings have been made so that the locomotive can be used on regular rosters.

At the moment Swanscombe has a small problem with foundation ring water leakage but we understand this is not serious and will probably make up in due time. Meanwhile Mick Rowley has made a very good job of painting the white on green lining and Brian has fitted the new couplings and buffers. It is reported that the weight of a load tackled successfully by the Barclay was 250 tons; not bad for an 80 year old four wheeler!

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Swanscombe Returns To Service - Quainton News No. 24 - Summer 1975

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