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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 32 - Summer 1977

Wanted - A New Sales and Refreshments Building

The problems facing the Sales and Catering Departments are obvious to anyone trying to buy a postcard or a cup of tea on a Bank Holiday Monday afternoon. And as for the toilets . . . . !

We are, of course, trying to cater for thousands of visitors in buildings designed as a wayside station in 1898. Some improvements were made a few years ago in the ladies room and the shop has gradually expanded to take over the whole of the down platform building but facilities are clearly inadequate for our present needs.

Most members will know that a new building is now being planned to help solve the problem. By the time this appears in print we should know the result of our applications for planning permission and for an additional grant under the Job Creation Programme. If all goes well we hope construction of foundations will start this year and the building could be completed in time for at least a part of the 1978 operating season.

The building will be approximately 72ft long by 24ft wide and will be situated in the down yard backing on to the down platform. It will be constructed of brick and concrete blocks with a low pitch tiled roof. The internal layout will be basically as shown in the plan although there may be detail changes. The area between the new building and the Brill platform will be cleared and grassed, provided with seats and tables and used as an extension to the refreshment room in fine weather.

Provision of this building was approved overwhelmingly by the members present at the AGM and an appeal has been launched to raise the necessary funds estimated at just over £5000. Contributions of materials, anything from a load of bricks to a pot of paint, would also be appreciated and anyone able to help in this way should contact Austin Harland for further details. Suitable acknowledgements can be made for any contributions from firms if required.

Here is the text of the Appeal sent to all shareholders and Associates. By 9th June, £400 had been donated by 30 people; please send all contributions to the Hon. Treasurer, Andrew Bratton.

"This building is now essential for our continued progress. Not only will it generate much needed additional profits but it will provide the public with a much better service and encourage repeat visits. These views are endorsed by the members at the recent AGM.

The Executive Committee has spent much time investigating numerous alternatives, trying to find a building at a price which can be justified on commercial grounds. A building has now been selected but we can only achieve it within our resources if the labour is free. We shall be applying to the Manpower Services Commission for a grant towards this but it is unlikely that any skilled men will be available at the rates of pay we shall be obliged to offer.

Until the results for the current year are known the Society cannot fully commit itself to providing all the materials and skilled labour required to complete the project. However the application for the grant must be made soon, before the Job Creation Scheme ends and the more material etc. we can supply the better chance we have of the grant being approved and the building being ready for the 1978 season. If the grant is not approved we shall probably proceed with the building but at a reduced speed.

The Executive felt that it would be a waste of time appealing to members for this project, as it has little appeal to railway enthusiasts, but the members at the AGM considered it should be given top priority and on a show of hands nearly everyone present indicated that they would be willing to give financial support.

The target is £5,000, but offers of free or cheap materials and skilled labour (particularly bricklayers and carpenters who could be called upon as required by the Society) would reduce this and would be equally as valuable.

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1. Refer to "Corrections" in the Winter 1977 / 8

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Wanted - A New Sales and Refreshments Building - Quainton News No. 32 - Summer 1977

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