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Quainton News archive - Quainton News No. 34 - Spring 1978

The Wembley Model Engineering Exhibition - Janice Uphill

The Model Engineering Exhibition at the Wembley Conference Centre from 5th to 14th January, for the first time sported a Quainton stand, thanks to the ARPS who drew lots among member Societies and picked out Quainton to have their stand for the last three days of the Exhibition.

We only had notice of the offer just before Christmas, when minds were on other things, but in the event we had three very successful days with much interest shown in the Society and in railway preservation in general. A large amount of stock was sold, which all made it very worth while and must have pleased our Treasurer! Sales Officer Peter Hoskings collected as much stock together as would go in the back of Roy Miller's estate car and he and I had the task of setting up the stand and manning it for the whole of the Thursday. Other members took over for Friday and Saturday, and to all we say many thanks for their efforts.

We had some good publicity photographs and these were well displayed. Numerous attractive books and other sales items were arranged on the counter and on the walt, and the stand was something worth looking at. Of course the fact that we were strategically placed near one of the bars may have had something to do with it!

It was a very long day, from 8.30 in the morning to 9.30 at night, but the Conference Centre is very well organized for loading and unloading, etc., so there were no problems and it was a joy to see everything working so smoothly.

We heard two visitors talking to each other about the large engine (Wightwick Hall) which they had seen on the road on the way to Quainton, and others reminding themselves where the place was. Then they would get into conversation with us. There were questions about boiler insurance and safety in general, and numerous ones about the books on sale which we did our best to answer and hoped we put people on the right track through the publishers. We trust many of the people visit Quainton in the future.

The nicest part about the event was the number of members who were willing and able to alter their work schedules or take a day's holiday at short notice to help, and the members who visited the exhibition and were surprised to find us there also said that, with notice, another time they would be prepared to help. With all the sales the volume and weight of stock to be taken home was gratifyingly reduced so the return home was not so hard on Roy's car springs either!

1 - Obviously we can no longer supply this item at the price offered in 1978, if at all!

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The Wembley Model Engineering Exhibition - Janice Uphill - Quainton News No. 34 - Spring 1978

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