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J R Fairman - Yes, there'll be a welcome!

Discussions I have had with officers of other railway societies affirm that, typically, about 10% of their membership is active in the sense that they are able and willing to contribute their time on a regular basis towards maintaining and developing the organisation, premises and assets of the Society. Let me hasten to add that every Society is very grateful to the non-working membership who still show their interest by simply supporting their favourite Society by an annual subscription and perhaps by occasional visits to the preservation centre with their families and friends. These remarks apply equally to our Society.

However, the fact remains that there would be nothing to see unless there are active members. At Quainton we have a membership of about 450 and enjoy the help of a working nucleus of between 40 and 50 including those who make the Open Days possible; these are the faithful few, a term coined by our erstwhile Depot Chairman, Ray Hedley. But, in common with other Societies, we need more help if we are to make the progress we would all like to see.

So the object of the Editorial is to ask you, the reader, whether you believe you could assist our Society more than you do at present. To help you, each future issue of 'Quainton News' will devote a page to describing the jobs to be done and on the opposite page is 'Quainton Volunteer No. 1'. Please read it and then pause and say to yourself; could I contribute more time to our Society?

Do you remember Collingwood's words? 'Perfect freedom is reserved for the man who lives by his own work and in that work does what he wants to do.' Feel free to join the volunteers who do the work they want to do!

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1978 and so does not reflect events in the 36+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

Editorial - Quainton News No. 36 - Autumn 1978

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