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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 42 - Autumn / Winter 1980 / 81

Harlington Signal Box

Harlington Signalbox

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J R Fairman - Title Deed

The Signalling Exhibition in the marquee in the down yard at the August holiday weekend was another success to the credit of the Signalling Department and it was there that I found Trevor Chalmers and Simon Field busy explaining to interested visitors the intricacies of block instruments, relays and other similar mysteries. But I managed to have a few words with them and to picture them with their prize - the nameplate from Harlington signalbox, which has been purchased by the Society from BR (the whole box, not just the plate!).

For 'strangers' to the district, Harlington is a station on the former Midland Railway main line out of St. Pancras between Luton and Bedford, which is now being electrified and resignalled and the old manually-operated signalbox had become redundant.

The building stood on the down main platform at Harlington and is of timber construction with a ridged slated roof. It is 35ft long, 14ft wide and stands 18ft high, and was transported from its BR resting place to Quainton in one piece, except the roof, by Brackmills of Northampton. The lever frame and all internal equipment had been stripped out of the signalbox on 1st June by members and the move by road started on 14th September and delivery was safely completed the next day. At the following weekend the roof timbers were replaced and every effort is being made to make the box weathertight, with roofing felt, before the winter sets in.

It is odd how one item seems to change the whole appearance of a site. The Harlington box has certainly altered the view in the up yard where it now stands, but its future is in the down yard - and that is another story.

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T Chalmers - As it was at Harlington

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T Chalmers - A Signalbox can Fly!

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J R Fairman - The Harlington Signalbox at Quainton - 11th October 1980

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Harlington Signalbox - Quainton News No. 42 - Autumn / Winter 1980 / 81

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