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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 44 - Spring / Summer 1981

Three More for the Ivatt Trust

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J R Fairman - SR type Brake Van, Army 49014

In the past six months the Ivatt Trust - Roy and Peter - have added three freight wagons to their stock list; all are of special interest and each one has been obtained for a specific reason, as I will explain.

First to arrive was a 25 ton Goods Brake Van on 20th March, Army 49014, from OESD, Yardley Chase, Northampton. This was obtained because the Trust wanted to have a vehicle on which they could test the vacuum brakes of the locomotives they are restoring (46447 will be the first) . 49014 was one of a batch of thirty vans built at Ashford Works in 1942 for the Army, to the standard Southern Railway design, although the Army vans had sandboxes and were vacuum fitted as built. It was one of three at Yardley Chase, before the base closed its rail system last year; the other two being acquired by the Yorkshire Dales Railway and the Swanage Railway respectively. 49014 was, in fact, a relatively new arrival at Yardley Chase. It arrived there from Kineton about three years ago, to replace another van which developed a king-sized set of flat wheels by dragging with brakes locked all the way from Yardley Chase to Northampton - or so rumour has it! 49014 was registered on the SR as No. 1023 and has the deep sole bars and steel ballast to give it the 25 ton capacity. One side of the van was repainted at Yardley Chase, before the MOD decided to shut down the line.

The second vehicle to be added to stock was B900103, a four-wheeled Flatrol with Tops Code ZVP, a General Equipment Carrier - Piped (vacuum). It has been acquired by the Trust to carry heavy machinery and will, for example, be used for a large lathe which is expected soon. It is also just right in the dimensions of the 'well' for carrying a standard LM boiler, as used on the Class 2 2-6-0's and 2-6-2T's. It arrived by road from Waking on 24th April, after being disposed of by the Southern Civil Engineer's Department. It was built to an LNER design, involving rivetted construction, in 1953 (Lot 2238), by the Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company, Chepstow -and has quite recently had its cast steel tyres reprofiled to the BRP 1 profile.

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J R Fairman - The Ivatt Trust's Flatrol

The new wagon has a capacity of 21½ tons or 13,050 kg in case you have forgotten the imperial weights! It is probably one of the very few of its type to become available for purchase, because these Equipment Carriers are in great demand by the Civil Engineers for carrying such items as diggers and excavators onto relaying and other PW work. The Trust's vehicle was released because its clearances from the SR Third Rail were too tight and since we are not likely to have a live rail at Quainton there is no cause for concern!

The trio of new arrivals is completed by a genuine Gunpowder Van! Not that Roy or Peter are going into the business of carrying explosives. All they wanted was a good sturdy van to house their generator and compressor, which was the job expected of their old Midland van, Army 47271. However, on a close examination of the veteran wooden van, it was obvious that the deteriorated state of the timber would have led to a speedy collapse under the strain, so the Trust were on the look out for a steel van when, at Tonbridge, W105777 became available. This van is probably unique in preservation circles, because it is a purpose-built vehicle constructed at Swindon in 1939, whereas many so called Gunpowder Vans are converted Iron Minks. The whole of the inside is lined with timber boarding, fixed with brass screws. In fact, all internal fittings are made of brass, including hinges to the doors, the kickplates and the special cast pockets on the inside walls to which loads were securely roped. There is a notice inside which states that special leather overboots are to be worn.

Since construction, W105777 has had vacuum brakes fitted, modifications including a tie bar have been carried out and axleboxes of heavy-duty type fitted. The Tops Code is CXV, an 11 ton Covered (Bulk) Gunpowder Van and latterly it had been used on traffic to Mountfield Quarries in Sussex, before it was withdrawn with another van at Tonbridge. This was an ex-LMS vehicle which was lighter and more corroded than the GW van, which is in remarkably good condition. The wheelbase of the new Ivatt Trust van is 9ft and it will make an attractive exhibit in its own right when it is repainted in the original GW livery. It arrived at Quainton on 24th July by road from Tonbridge.

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J R Fairman - The Trust's Gunpowder Van

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1981 and so does not reflect events in the 33+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

Three More for the Ivatt Trust - Quainton News No. 44 - Spring / Summer 1981

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