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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 46 - Spring / Summer 1982

Accommodation for Red Cross and a Proposed Ice Cream Parlour

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J R Fairman - The New Building - 27th June 1982

Roy Miller and Norman Dicker (on his knees) were hard at work on 27th June erecting a new building; premises which were bring questions from members such as: "Who's bedroom is at the end?" or "I'd like a change of wallpaper in my room!"

The accommodation, Roy told me, had come as a surprise to many, because it had been delivered only two days previously from a dealer and was, in fact, half a GLC pre-fab. It is needed very urgently for the purposes given in the title to these notes, although the Catering Department are considering the latter idea.

At the Executive Committee Meeting in April the unsatisfactory arrangements for accommodating the Red Cross were discussed and it was agreed that a building should be found for them to use as a First Aid Centre as soon as possible. Another problem discussed at that meeting was the unsatisfactory arrangements for selling ice cream, our regular vendor having retired. It was agreed at the June meeting that a cabin be purchased which could be used jointly for the Red Cross and maybe for ice cream and soft drinks to be sold by ourselves from the same building.

From the photograph you will see that the chosen site for the cabin is alongside the restoration building at the museum entrance. Running water and drains will, of course, be connected. At the left hand end will be the First Aid Room, about 10ft. square, formerly a children's bedroom (complete with Mickey Mouse on the internal door!)- and at the right hand side will be the second room, about 10ft by 15ft - which could become a 'Sales' outlet.

Perhaps it isn't a charming building, but it is to do a job of work. We hope one-third is little used and two-thirds is always busy on Open Days!

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Accommodation for Red Cross and a Proposed Ice Cream Parlour - Quainton News No. 46 - Spring / Summer 1982

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