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Quainton News Archive - No. 58 - Autumn / Winter 1985 / 86

Our Gardeners

At the close of another season, a few words about our gardeners would not come amiss. Weather conditions are always against gardeners! Yet, at Quainton, they manage to produce for our delight a good show of flowers to brighten up the station beautifully. Last year we were given some window-boxes after we had been the venue of filming of a Sherlock Holmes episode. The blossoms in these boxes have made a lot of difference to the forecourt and the show has been repeated this year, but not without someone looking after them all the winter.

Flower beds have always been a feature of railway stations, but restarting derelict beds is more difficult than making new ones. Peter Hoskings and Andrew Bratton have spent many backbreaking hours clearing the perennial weeds, with some assistance from others who have brought along plants. Jack Branton's dahlias always make a good show and he usually gives them a weekly tidy-up before everyone else has had their breakfast! As an encore, Jack has also found time to put in a few on the VAMES site, where he is one of the mainstays, giving rides for the Birthday Party visitors.

qn_58_12.jpg (78,166 bytes)

J R Fairman - Jack Branton on his Motor Rail No. 30 on the VAMES track - 25th August 1985

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Our Gardeners - No. 58 - Autumn / Winter 1985 / 86

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