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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 71 - September 1992

Parks & Gardens - P J Hoskings

Once again the automatic watering system for the hanging baskets has been very successful and we have had a colourful display throughout the summer. The tubs were moved from platform four to the main station area and linked in with the system as it was impossible to keep them watered in their former position. Unfortunately there are no taps near the main platform beds, and this severely limits what can be grown in the way of bedding plants. The dahlias on platforms 2/3 continue to flower well and additional tubers have been planted this year outside the museum. We need a supply of good top soil, and if any member knows of any requiring a good home, please let me know.

The mowing team has proved what can be done if we have the right equipment. A few members have been cutting grass and weeds each week using the petrol mower plus a member's own strimmer. Surely, the Society must invest in these items if we want to have a smart and tidy site?

Now that our 'headquarters' is in situ and in the secure area we are able to store basic items such as garden tools and paint without needing to bring them to the Centre each week. This means much saving in time, and that our selection of tools can gradually increase. The hut was formerly used by the BR permanent way gang until replaced a few years ago. It then languished in a number of spots on our site until finally moved to its present position where it will be painted and smartened up.

Our appeal for petrol coupons (BP and Esso especially) has been very successful and we have been able to obtain a number of tools e.g. electric drills, portable screwdriver and shears. The appeal is still open with a jar in the refreshment coach.

Following the last 'Bulletin' we received a number of enamel signs which will be cleaned and eventually displayed, but no milk churns. Does no one know any friendly farmers? I find it fascinating listening to the comments of visitors and we should never forget that the small detail is often what is remembered after a visit. You only have to watch the chocolate machines on platform 1 and hear the comments or count the number of times children try to turn the knobs! Even the odd sulks when they realize that they are for display only! As for the ladies - sorry, females - of doubtful reputation who enter the female toilets, I think the least said the better. Suffice it to say that their comments on leaving said premises can make weeding hanging baskets more interesting.

Finally, my thanks to everyone who has helped during the year. Although there is still much to do, I think we are on top of most jobs now and the results of our efforts can be seen by members and visitors alike. Perhaps a couple of new regular helpers over the autumn and winter??? We are on site every Sunday, so why not come along?

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Peter Clarke - The superb hanging baskets on the main station building are a tribute to the hard work of the Parks & Gardens staff.
Duncan Battersby - The immaculately restored GWR Toad was brought out recently by owner Dennis Howells to give his nephew a birthday treat.

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Parks & Gardens - P J Hoskings - Quainton News No. 71 - September 1992

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