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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 72 - March 1993

From the Publicity Officer - Phil Marsh

1. Quainton - The Video

I would like to thank the members who wrote to me indicating their interest in the above. Bob, (Ian Neale's brother), has started shooting the video about our Centre. He has about an hour in the can (Hollywood jargon), and has suggested calling it The Four Seasons. I have been privileged to a sneak preview of some of it and was extremely impressed, as were the few members of the public who also saw it. I have asked Bob if I can borrow a copy of the rushes (more Hollywood jargon) for a showing at the member's evening on February 13th.

The bad news is that it will probably cost between £15 and £20 assuming that about 250 members buy it.

2. Media relations and plans

You might be interested that in 1992, my first season of publicity, work has seen me do about ten radio interviews broadcast to the UK, France and Germany. The Centre has also been mentioned over 30 times in the various Steam Magazines. This was largely due to contacts made over the ACE weekend. I would ask you to support three publications if you can because they have been consistently supportive of us. In alphabetical order, these are The Railway Magazine, Steam Classic and Steam Railway News. Roy Miller and myself have provided Steam Classic with information for a detailed article about Quainton which should appear in the March issue. Roy and myself are trying to link in with Chris Milner of The Railway Magazine for a special feature in the April or May issue.

I would like to repeat my thanks to all operations staff who have had to do for me what might have seemed to be strange things. It is through event management that we can consistently hit the limelight and keep our profile high. It is well worth ten minutes delay from time to time to "stage" a photo-opportunity or interview even if it seems inconvenient at the time. The public are also interested and do not really mind if they see a live interview being done from the radio car or being filmed for the Quainton Video. A classic example of this was when we achieved parallel running with Dennis Howells 9466 and Nunney Castle hauling the ACE. This made the news headlines on the Steam Railway Video number 4 and photos of this were featured in several publications.

David Brown, who was the Deputy Editor of Steam Railway until November, is now the editor of a new magazine to be published in March. It is to be called British Railway Modelling and I hope to have a presence in the first issue. So all you modelers who read this, please get in touch with me with your suggestions as to how we can benefit from David's invitation.

3. North British Locomotive Society: Publicity Link-Up

Roger Enskat and myself have agreed to link up whenever it seems sensible and to co-ordinate our output to the press. This should lead to greater involvement between the Societies which can only be a good thing for all.

4. Children In Need 1993

A preliminary meeting has been held with the BBC to establish a specification for the 1993 Children In Need event or its proposed equivalent. This would have to be held at the end of the season in early November. Both the BBC and ourselves would like to make Quainton Road the base for the largest event in Buckinghamshire. This would give us a tremendous boost if we can be the host. We will of course need lots of volunteers to help stage the event. All ideas on a postcard to me please ASAP.

How you can help:-
If you are lucky enough to be in employment, then YOU can help by asking the boss if their company would want to get involved by either sponsorship or by entering teams to do silly things. Members who frequent drinking establishments or similar places could also do the same sort of thing. Any people who work in schools or colleges should get teams out as well.

5. Thomas sent to Coventry

After the Spring Thomas event on the 4th of May, Coventry embarked on its last run prior to its ten year overhaul. I have asked what this means and understand it to refer to the amount of time it will take for us to pay for it - or was somebody winding me up?

For the few people left on site between 6.30 and 7pm, Coventry made a stirring sight hauling 16 wagons with Bruce, Gavin and Adrian on the footplate. The sun was setting, the engine was blowing off and sparks were flying. Three or four run pasts were arranged which fortunately, Keith Lobley captured on his video. He also captured me stating that I would be murdered when I got home because I was so late.

6. Steam Traction Operating Courses

It was decided at short notice to hold a one day driving course. The shape of the course was decided on after much consultation with Anthea our very own steamy Granny. Anthea managed to drive the Flying Scotsman at Tyseley (see article in this issue - Ed.) and gave us the complete rundown of the day's events. This was followed by Mark who drove Defiant at Tyseley shortly after.

Anthea has since written to me telling me about some strange thoughts which occurred to her in the bath. This could be an ongoing saga to match the well known coffee TV advert.

7. Bring me your Pooh

I need your Teddy Bears for the Picnic to be held over Easter. I want to fill the Victorian diner with Bears in Period Costume. Who is going to dress up as Goldilocks? Perhaps the Fat Controller could be persuaded!

8. Autographs

Please note that my vanity does allow me to sign copies of Steam Railway Video number 4 which as you must know, features me on Nunney Castle. I will also sign any copies of the January Steam Classic which features in its review of 1992 a picture of me on the footplate of King Edward on the last ACE of the weekend. I will stop now in case I get carried away or thrown under the water tower again.

9. The 1993 Buckinghamshire Railway Centre Leaflet

I have had people ask me where the above is and what has happened to it. For this year's leaflet, I prepared a print specification in October which was sent out to seven companies. To avoid a reprint like 1992, half way through the season, it has been decided to wait until all events have been finalized so that they can all be included. I know only too well that this has caused considerable concern, but it should save money in the long term. I am confident that with our higher media profile that we should not suffer.

10. 6024 Preservation Society and the ACE

I have discovered that there is, amongst certain areas of the Society a low opinion of the 6024 (King Edward) Preservation Society. As a relative newcomer to Quainton, I can only give my opinion as I see fit. I would like to place on public record my thanks to Steve Underhill (6024 Chairman), for his hard work on our behalf prior to the ACE weekend. The operation was fraught with difficulties and we were still resolving them up to nearly midnight on the day before holiday weekend. Suffice to say that after all the hassling we did at the last minute I would welcome them back for a repeat performance this year. He and the footplate crews also played their part for the cameras throughout the weekend. I will end with the comment that Steve and I found that we work within a few yards of each other so we went for a pint at a pub of his choosing. It was a pub where not many women go to - thanks Steve, I have not been back there.

And Finally

I sincerely hope that 1993 sees us consolidate our enhanced position amongst preserved railways in the UK. This is down to all of us to help wherever a job has to be done. 1993 promises more main line steam at Quainton (thanks Keith), so we will need your help again. We need lookouts for the barrow crossing and car park staff, remember we can't all drive the engines even if we know how to, (and I don't). I shall be putting up a copy of all my press releases in the messroom for your information . All comments are welcome as are any ideas to promote the Centre. The news comes from you, I can't send out what I don't know about so tell me your news for me to pass on.

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1993 and so does not reflect events in the 20+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

From the Publicity Officer - Phil Marsh - Quainton News No. 72 - March 1993

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