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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 98 - October 2007

Times Past - Quainton circa 1970

Another picture provided by John Hutchings of what is now the down yard around 1970. There are 4 industrial steam locomotives in the shot. The closest one, in steam, looks to be Juno. Call anyone identify the other 3 loco? Does anyone recognise themselves, or can recollect the date and the occasion?

qn_98_05.jpg (124,459 bytes)

John Hutchings

This picture is clearly earlier than the one above with the throng of 70s fashion clad visitors. We have 5 Romney buildings and the sidings in evidence above are not yet laid. Even at this early stage 7 locos are visible. One is Sentinel Susan [Note 1], can anyone identify the rest and the date?

qn_98_18.jpg (54,653 bytes)

John Hutchings

1 - Actually this was not Susan, as this locomotive did not arrive until 1984. It is likely to have been the very similar Sentinel 9376 which arrived in 1971. The picture dates from after September 1970 when LNWR 1st Class Diner No. 77 arrived.

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Times Past - Quainton circa 1970 - Quainton News No. 98 - October 2007

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