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LNWR 1st Class Diner No. 77

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Unknown - The inside of No. 77

No. 77 in the Brill Platform

Cyril Crouch - No. 77 in the Brill Platform

This standard LNWR diner is similar to the one which won the Grand Prix at the 1900 Paris exhibition. It was part of a batch of only twenty-five built at Wolverton to diagram 29 between 1897 and 1900. Inside, the 65ft 6in long vehicle is divided into three sections: kitchen, twelve-seat saloon and eight-seat saloon. When first built, these coaches were used on the LNWR's crack expresses from London (Euston) to Liverpool and Scotland. About fifteen years after building, No. 77 was taken out of service for use as a secondary vehicle on the Royal Train, being in regular use until December 1966. No. 77 is the number allocated during the LMS 1933 renumbering.

During 1967 is was purchased by the society for £300. On 23rd September 1970 arrived at Quainton, transported from Aylesbury with several other items of coaching stock. The significance of this purchase should never be underestimated. 77 is the only diner still in its complete and original condition. It represents the pinnacle of LNWR quality coach building with its inlays, carvings and sumptuous comfort for first class diners. This is the only such a vehicle in complete and original condition. British Rail attempted to buy it back but as a receipt was issued (and kept!) the invitation was not accepted. British Rail initially instructed Quainton Railway Society that the Royal connection must not be used. However from the early 1990s, it was decided that its history should become widespread knowledge. It has been used for special events and light dining duties only. From 1994, it was stored in the Down Yard Restoration Shed with a special viewing platform alongside.

With the acquisition of Rewley Road, there was only one place for this "special" coach to go on display. It was moved into the Up Yard on Wednesday 16th May 2001 for repainting. The coach entered the new Rewley Road Visitor Centre in 21 January 2002 in time for the opening ceremony in early May 2002.

Society News - Carriage and Wagon Department - Quainton News No. 17 - September 1973

Origin :- LNWR Date Built :- 1900 Number :- LNWR (1900) - 249
LNWR (1912) - 5249
LMS (1924) - 10411
LMS (1933) - 77
Type :- 12 Wheel 1st Class Diner Builder :- LNWR Wolverton Owner :- QRS
Status :- Serviceable Location :- Rewley Road Accession Number :- W/0003
Arrival Date :- LRPS - 1967
QRS - 1969

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