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MSLR 3rd No. 1076

MSLR 3rd No. 1076 in Down Yard platform

Robert Frise - MSLR 3rd No. 1076 in Down Yard platform

MSLR 3rd No. 1076 in Down Yard platform, 13th September 2015

Andrew Bratton - MSLR 3rd No. 1076 in Down Yard platform, 13th September 2015

Built by the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway, this six-wheeled vehicle was used on joint services with the LNWR, mainly on the Manchester South Junction and Altrincham Railway. Taken into Great Central stock, it was transferred to the LNER in 1923, and renumbered 51076. In the 1930s it was withdrawn from everyday passenger service and saw use as a camping coach for some years before passing into departmental stock, probably during the war. For at least twenty years it was used as a workman's mess room at Victoria Dock, Hull. It arrived at Quainton on 28th April 1971, having been purchased by Mr F Poynter, who presented the vehicle to the QRS in 1973.

It is 34ft 8½in long overall with six Mansell wheels and originally had five compartments but unfortunately the partitions were removed many years ago. It is fitted with automatic vacuum brakes and steam heating apparatus.

The carriage has recently completed a further renovation including the following:

  • All the fixed doors have been made to work with some locks refurbished with new springs etc.

  • The missing centre door hinges have been replaced from a stock of GWR origin, though these are a perfect fit

  • Badly wasted bolts on all the external end steps have been renewed

  • The distorted and perished rubber doughnuts on the spring hangers have been replaced by good condition second hand ones

  • The internal diameter of the doughnuts was much bigger than the supporting bolts, this had allowed them to slide sideways out of position

  • To overcome the problem spacers were made to reduce the diameter to that of the bolts

  • Some of the spring / body to chassis bolts were renewed. These were in fact very long studs with a different diameter at each end. The smaller end went through the chassis to fix the spring mounting, while the larger side protruded through the body and was secured inside the compartments.

  • Poor condition droplights have been cleaned and varnished and missing straps replaced

  • Bulkheads have been re-made to make proper compartments again. These are being repainted in French grey glass

  • Reproduction glass lamp globes and bases have been obtained and are now fitted

  • The old stained and torn upholstery material will be recovered with blue moquette from stock

Vintage Carriages - Trevor Paice - Quainton News No. 109 - Autumn 2013

Origin :- MS&LR Date Built :- 1890 Number :- MS&LR - 1076
LNER - 51076
Diagram :- - Lot :- -
Type :- 6 Wheel 3rd Builder :- MS&LR - Gorton, Manchester Owner :- QRS
Status :- Restored Location :- Wembley Building Accession Number :- W/0015
Arrival Date :- Quainton 1971 / QRS 1973

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