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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 25 - Autumn 1975

Society News

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J R Fairman - MSLR Six Wheeler, nearly ready!

From the Locomotive Department

On 17th August the opportunity was taken to lift off L44's tanks and bunker while a road crane was on site. The overhaul of the Met tank will follow the completion of our Beattie which is now almost ready for service. The well tank has been repainted as Southern Railway E0314 and at the end of August a new timber rear end buffer beam was being prepared and fitted. Excellent progress has been made on cleaning and painting 76017's boiler and a hydraulic test is planned this autumn. The 2-6-0's tender has also received attention against corrosion. The King's driving wheels and axleboxes have been to Swindon for machining pins and for remetalling while good work has been done on repainting the bogie, main frames and tender.

Juno recently had a boiler test and steaming, all within 48 hours! The Sentinel Group have worked on their new van M33014 and have also repainted No. 7 and the engine compartment of No. 11. On Chislet new front buffer springs have been fitted and the overhaul continues in the drawgear. Retubing has started on the Peckett tank, James. The favourite diesel, Osram is to receive an engine overhaul but Tarmac is available in the Up Yard and is looking very smart on one side where full lining has been applied to the house livery. Swanscombe is now owned by N Chamberlain and Brian Clifford is working wonders on the four wheeled Manning Wardle, No. 14, which now sports the name Brill. More of this engine in the Winter issue of Quainton News. Thanks to the Loco Department in completing the permanent water supply to the water tower.

Carriage and Wagon Department

Wiring replacement work and repanelling has been carried out on the Cinema Coach which could not be made ready for the Open Days in August. A 240 volts, 4 to 5 kw, portable generator is required for future film shows and offers of such a unit will be appreciated. The Great Northern six wheeler has had its annual coat of white paint on its roof and further progress has been made on the LCDR and the MSLR vehicles. Some hard work has been done on the Beckton wagon - many thanks from John Fairman. In our last issue correct acknowledgements were due to the members of the C & W for refelting the roofs of stock and to Frank White for the LCDR lampholders.

Permanent Way Department

The major work in the down yard is reported in our special feature article. Maintenance of the main running lines including weed killing, levelling, packing and fishplate lubrication has resulted in a very creditable condition to the track which was commented on favourably by many visitors and members at the Open Days. The dry weather has made fire watching an additional duty undertaken by the Department.

Depot and Station

Following the D of E inspection the existing fencing, although considered good, was farther improved and strengthened in both yards. A grant of paint supplied free to the Society's use has made it possible to start repainting the station platform canopy. Work has continued on extending and installing new electrical circuits in the Restoration Building. The sections of the building for 'private owner's use are being occupied and they have all been roofed in and sealed. At the August Open Days the Catering Department were serving hot dogs from the station kitchen and the ladies are doing a marvellous job with their home baking; very popular with visitors and members alike! Another success at the Open Days was the public address system, ex Marylebone, which led to a large increase in passengers using the Aylesbury dmu.

Social Activities

The Vale of Aylesbury Model Engineering Society's function mentioned in the Summer issue is a buffet dance we are informed. Graham Socking has been unable to continue as co-ordinator of Social Events and has requested that somebody else volunteers for this job. Names please to the Secretary!

Signalling and Telegraph Department

Tim Stevens has retired from the position of Chairman of the section and an urgent appeal is made for a member with an interest in signalling work who would be able to take over the Department. Again, names please to the Secretary! Meanwhile, Anthea Hanscomb is keeping a watching eye on the S & T activities. Our grateful thanks to Tim and to Mike Hanscomb for their sterling work in the past and we are pleased to say that both men are continuing to give their services by training signalmen and advising on technical problems. Tim will also act as Stores Controller and Mike as Electrical and Mechanical Engineer for the present.

For the future programme of work we have the major task of installing the ten lever frame, (See Quainton News No . 22) , at the station. It will be sited opposite the platform in the bank where the signalman will have an uninterrupted view of the yard. Electrics will be minimised to barrier proving locks and for block working to South box, which will be extended from two to six levers. All signals, points and facing locks will be mechanically operated as recommended by the D of E inspecting engineer. This year's successful working using the improved electrical system may be the last and it has been the result of five years experience and development of equipment by Mike, Chris his brother, Tim and the team forming the S & T department. Next year a mechanical system should be in use which, incidentally, will be more vandal proof!

Sales Department

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The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1975 and so does not reflect events in the 40+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

Society News - Quainton News No. 25 - Autumn 1975

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