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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 28 - Summer 1976

Society News

Locomotive Department:

Many thanks to Les Sherman for the many hours he spent preparing documents for the new training sessions for the Crew Training Scheme. The major overhaul of L44 has continued and by Easter the locomotive had been completely stripped down to its frames and the wheels run out. The frames are on blocks at the Brill end of the centre road of the main shed. Trevor Paige has been needle gunning the frames and painting has started. Work on the boiler is also underway.

Del Etheridge's Peckett tank, (pictured on the back page), has passed its boiler hydraulic test and mechanical reassembly and repainting is making good progress. He is producing a fine finish with the paintwork and lining. As reported elsewhere, Coventry No. 1 has been vacuum fitted. The Pannier tank has had one big end re-metalled and the other one demonstrated audibly that it too needed attention. This was put in hand immediately after Easter.

Swanscombe is having spring buffers fitted in place of the square blocks it has carried since it was in industrial service. Brill, No. 14, has had its buckeye couplers replaced by standard hooks. Twenty boiler tubes were replaced but more are likely to be required. Brian Clifford has fitted a new ash pan, firebox and cylinder lagging and cladding, two new heavy duty injectors and a mechanical lubricator for the cylinders. The final colour scheme for Brill will be LNWR lined livery. On Easter Monday steam was raised but this revealed a problem with the regulator valve which is in the steam space at the firebox end of the boiler. Later this year Brill will be jacked up for further mechanical attention. Brian has also started work on our A & P, Sydenham. He has removed twenty tubes, taken off the wheel covers and stripping work is in hand.

In the shed, Chislet's crank pins have been painstakingly filed and dressed by Les Sherman and Reg has been working on repairs to the draw gear and eccentrics. David is replacing the lagging on Alexander and is using stainless steel bands for securing the cladding. The Barclay's boiler was tested about three years ago and is sound.

In the up yard, we are pleased to report further progress on the restoration of Bodmin by Richard Heather, Jane, and their team who have been concentrating on cleaning and protection of the frames, wheels and under the cab. Peter and Roy are cocooning 46447's boiler which is to be stored; hence the copious coating with paint as weather protection. The 76017 group have made a good impression on the layers of grime on their 2-6-0 by using high pressure water jet cleaning equipment. The boiler is being cleaned out and some protective painting is in hand. Dave and Ted have had a portable generator at site to power a sander for surface preparation of the rear half of the underside of Osram's frames and Nigel has been busy with the restoration of brake gear and tie rods on Tarmac.

Tarmac is certainly earning its keep in the up yard whenever stock movement is required or PW work demands traction it is the willing product of Motor Rail which is in action.

qn_28_17.jpg (55,860 bytes)

J R Fairman - Ready for Business, Easter 1976

Carriage & Wagon Department:

The arrival of the LNWR van is reported elsewhere in this issue. The work of installing compartment divisions and upholstered seats in the MSLR coach is nearly finished. Through vacuum pipes are being fitted by Roger Howard and Chris Britten and it is hoped to have the vehicle in use at the August Open Days.

Rewiring work continues on the Cinema Coach and this is proving to be a major task which is expensive too. Ted and Dave have been spending many hours on the electrical equipment and they have been assessing the power requirements which include the curtain motors, projector, dimmers, heaters, ventilation and lighting. They are planning to adapt a Fiat car engine to drive an alternator for these duties. Meanwhile Mick and Bev Sell are making a grand job of renovating internal fittings in the coach. The roof leak problem is still unexplained.

Brian's LNWR six wheeled carriage truck, latterly used as a cell van for batteries, has been temporarily repainted in LMS red livery and numbered 580. Later it will be restored in LNWR colours. Those who at Easter saw the railcar off the end of the siding at the Wembley building will be relieved to learn that Bob Mellish has rerailed it without any trouble. The only wagon to receive attention has been the Beckton two-plank which Frank White has been working on. It is really looking very much better and the lettering, GLCC, on the axleboxes has been nicely picked out in colour.


In this issue we feature a 'Depot Special' but there are several other topics to report. Firstly we want to thank Mr and Mrs Brocklehurst for their wonderful work on the White Elephant Stall at Easter. The good profits were entirely due to their efforts and to the many kind contributions. More and more bric-a-brac and unwanted treasures are needed because it is quite clear that this stall could have an even greater turnover. Another great success was Paul Johnson's bottle stall: well done, Paul. The same goes for the supply of more bottles!

Further schemes for the projected up yard building have been discussed and one of the latest ideas from the Executive is to start on the buildings over the two pairs of outer two tracks, leaving the centre pair until later. The beams for the centre section would then be built a little higher than the outer sections and this would give the whole structure an improved appearance. It is hoped to submit plans for detailed planning permission this summer. The QRS finances will, however, be concentrated this year on completing the Wembley building for which partial renewal of sheeting is required; also on the Restoration building stores, doors, cladding, lighting and workshop equipment. Concrete walkways between the tracks and across the ends of the building will also be provided.

Permanent Way Department:

Preparations for Easter included the resleepering of the Brill platform and relaying with longer rails, oiling all points and fishplates, and getting involved with the installation of the facing point locks at Quainton South and at the station. The main line track was, cleaned up and resleepering and packing work was done where needed. Paths were cut and the path between the PW shed and the pedestrian level crossing barrier was greatly improved. In the up yard the job of refitting the buffer stops at the ends of the former long sidings is in hand.

Doug Todd has been busy with the weed killing spray on the short siding and is progressing with the good work in the up yard.

Signal & Telegraph Department:

A considerable effort on overhaul and maintenance work was made before Easter. The Department's members have been very appreciative of the advice and guidance given by a 6024 PS member who is a professional signalling engineer with BR. Our electrical equipment gave us a number of failures at the Open Days and flag operation was in force on a part of the Sunday, but Monday was better. Robin Wickenden and Steve Growcott have done good work on the electrics and telecoms at the depot and we are grateful to them and to Chris Hanscomb for their work on the FPL's. We are sorry to lose Mike Hanscomb from the department and wish him well in the future.

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J R Fairman - The Tail Enders

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1976 and so does not reflect events in the 39+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

Society News - Quainton News No. 28 - Summer 1976

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