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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 12 - June 1972

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P Clarke - The P W Department at work. March 1972

Signals and Telegraph Department

The Easter traffic was handled by the well proven panel using GPO switches and this helped the signalmen who are familiar with the equipment. Our rotary switch idea will be ready shortly. The first colour light signal was commissioned and used. It is a down outer home at Quainton South and allows a train to be sent down to the end of the long siding (our main line) and held there while a movement is made into the short siding. The signal is a two lens, three aspect design which was formerly Wendover's inner distant. Incidentally, we wonder if our choice of GWR single line token would be appreciated by those who are students of railway accidents; it is the former Cambrian Railway Abermule to Newtown section! Volunteers for the S & T section are urgently needed and we would particularly like to give demonstrations to the public on Open Days.

Carriage and Wagon Department

The demand for seats in the open wagons became so heavy at Easter that a third wagon was hastily fitted with bench seats. This gave the Beattie an unusual train of one six wheeled carriage, two open wagons and a brake van. Preservation work continues, mainly on the GNR coach. The running boards have been fitted to both sides thus markedly improving the appearance and three doors and part of the exterior has been restored to varnished teak livery. Activity can also be reported in the H & BR wagon, on the LCDR coach and on the interior of the LNWR dining saloon.

The two vehicles owned by the Great Central Railway Coach Group are being carefully restored. MSLR 1076 will be completed in the period livery for 1899 which was brown and French grey while GCR 957 (formerly DE 320179) will be in the 1906 livery of brown and green. Another 8-compartment suburban 3rd class carriage, DE 320146, may soon be added to stock. Just arrived in Bucks from Micheldever as these notes are being written is BR standard horse box purchased by six of our members. This is S96403 and the plan is to take out the horses' stalls and use this part for a workshop and to use the hay compartment and groom's compartment for living accommodation instead of camping. The outside of the vehicle will be restored to its original condition and will continue to look like a horse box.

Publicity Department

If the record attendance of 10,000 visitors at Quainton at Easter is an indication of the results of our publicity then we were successful! Many thanks to all who helped distribute and display posters. We continue to be especially grateful for the sort of good publicity which is not costly to the Society and when fortune smiles we like to hear about it - for example, we were delighted to see the picture of L44 in the Watford Observer and to spot that small item in the Evening News. If you would like a copy of the general 'open day' poster for private use it will cost you 20p but members can have them for display purposes. We are looking into the possibility of car stickers for future publicity - have you any more ideas?

Permanent Way Department

The renewal of the point at the south end of the platform was completed before Easter and the picture on page 11 [above] shows our lads in action on this important job. We can now say that the track over which the public is carried is safe although not perfect. During the summer a multitude of small jobs will have to be tackled and then there are two major tasks. Firstly we have to lay in new points to give access to the new Wembley shed and secondly we plan to start a programme of relaying in the yard. Early in April a team of members lifted three turnouts and lengths of complete track and rails from Unilevers private siding at the back of the Birds Eye Factory at Bridge Road, Southall. This useful stock of material is ex-GWR and is in good condition.

Depot and Station

The completion of the footbridge is one of the success stories and thanks are due to those who turned their hand to carpentry, paving, brickwork and painting. Once again the gardens were delightfully colourful for the Open Days and it shouldn't be a surprise to know that, back in 1932 when Mr W T Cross was Stationmaster, Quainton Road won 3rd prize, in the station gardens competition.

The projects to be done in the near future at the up side station building include painting the canopy and redecorating the 'Gentlemen', fixing guttering, electrical wiring, pointing the brick chimney stack (before they fall down) and general repairs. Outside, on the site, we have some major jobs. The major task is the dismantling of the steel framed and sheeted building at Wembley and preparing for its re-erection in our down side yard. The dismantling work started on 23rd April. Also we have to prepare for the arrival of the water cranes and this will involve plumbers work. Add to all these schemes the urgent need to collect all scrap metal and to clean up on both sides and you will realise the Chinese are right when they say "More hands make light work".

Sales Department [Note 1]

The Society advertisement should be noted overleaf because we need advertisers and we believe in showing the way. We also need some willing members to attend the many Traction Engine rallies this year because our Sales Officer will not be able to continue this job and it really requires at least two persons. A family group would be ideal and it can be good fun.

Our new QRS Stock book was in the Quainton bookshop for Easter and it is excellent value for a mere 20p (24p by post). The 29 illustrations are a first class feature and it is obvious that a great deal of research went into its preparation because there are full details of all our locomotives and rolling stock. Why not write to Peter for copies at 24p for your friends?

Congratulations to Peter Hoskings for its production and for his work in bringing out the equally attractive programme No. 1 for the Open Days. Have you any good quality colour slides for our stock and trains? If so, Peter would like to borrow them for copying for sale.' And finally, don't forget to order your 'Railway Forum' through the Sales Department - it will only cost you 45p a year if you collect from Quainton.

1 - Obviously we can no longer supply these items at the prices offered in 1972, if at all!

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1972 and so does not reflect events in the 40+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

Society News - Quainton News No. 12 - June 1972

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