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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 16 - June 1973

Society News

From our Secretary

May I again remind members of the procedure whereby they may apply to store relics at Quainton. There have been several incidents recently of members writing direct to BR without first finding out if they have a place to store them. As a result of these and other applications from people who are not even members of our Society we have received a friendly but firm letter from BR stating that in future they will only consider applications for large relics - principally rolling stock, from one Officer of each Preservation Society. In the case of the QRS this will be me.

If you see an interesting relic or know that one is up for Tender, write to me first and I will ensure that our relevant Sub Committee considers it without delay. Once their recommendation is known the Executive Committee have to give their approval at the next meeting. This does not take as long as it sounds and in an emergency can be got through very quickly. As soon as the Society has given the go ahead I will then return the Tender Documents or enter into negotiations on behalf of the Member who will know that if his bid is successful the relic can come straight to Quainton.

With the arrival of King Edward I the Executive Committee extends a warm welcome not only to the locomotive but to all the Members of the King Preservation Society. Your Executive gave much thought to this application, and a meeting was held between the Officers of the KPS and ourselves. It has been agreed that all the Members of the King Preservation Society who wish to work on their locomotive at Quainton must also become members of the QRS. This is necessary for insurance reasons as well as the fact that they will also be using other QRS facilities, but we hope it will not finish here and that they will take a full part in the other activities of our Society. We wish them well with their task of restoring a very fine locomotive to it's former glory.

From the Membership Secretary

You should have a renewal form with your Newsletter. Please complete it NOW and send your 'sub' to Anthea Hanscomb at her address on the back page. All renewals must be in by 30th September.

Depot Committee

The Spring Spectacular was, of course, the removal of the water column from Rickmansworth and the target date for re-erection at Quainton is August! This is just to keep the loco boys happy! Help is also required to refurnish the ladies loo; in fact, there are three loos to do! Then there is the reconstruction of the Wembley building. Its tubular skeleton is growing at the south end and several bays are in position. At the station we need new guttering and down pipes. Yes, there's plenty to do to develop and maintain the depot. So roll up all you DIY experts! Quainton needs you!

Operations Committee

The Easter weekend tested our capacity to meet the challenge of big crowds. On the Bank Holiday Monday afternoon Quainton reminded me of Charing Cross in the rush hour. With two ticket 'clippies' in action as hard as they could go. The wind and rain also tested the fortitude of other members on the Sunday, in particular, and many thanks to our car park attendants especially. Thanks to all those who willingly responded to fill the rosters at the Open Days.

Sales Department [Note 1]

The new programme and guide is selling well at 10p and is deservedly popular. Some new items which are now in stock include pencils (blue or yellow) at 2½p; bookmarks at 8p depicting 7715, 30585 and the Society badge, available in red, orange, blue or buff; London Transport colour postcards in sets of six at 22p, including two of L44; and, just for the children, new Beattie badges at 5p. The Sales shop is now stocking films, (pictures to the editor please!), and can get Airfix kits and Triang and Hornby products. And all members should be sure they possess a members badge at 20p.

Signal and Telegraph Department

At Easter we must admit to some teething troubles with the Plug In '73 system- for details see Quainton News No. 15, but when the problems were sorted out it worked very well. It is certainly a great improvement on the old system where "connecting up" could take all day. Only two block bells and modern BR type instruments and repeaters are used and this is saving our genuine relics from unnecessary wear and tear. In the place of our block instruments and route indicators we now have switches on panels. We also have a totally new telephone system which is easier to use and we fondly anticipate it will be more reliable than the old phones.

Permanent Way Department

The stalwarts of the Department were seen at Easter pacing the lengths with professional satisfaction justifiably showing through their weatherbeaten faces! The Easter services ran well this year, thanks to their good work on the permanent way. The new points for the sidings in the Wembley shed are being prepared.

Locomotive Department

The Easter train services were in the hands of 7715 and Coventry No. 1 with No. 3 and Cunarder performing on one or two days. Holy War also emerged from the container terminal. The arrival of 6024 on March 31st is reported elsewhere in this issue and we are expecting 76017 from Woodhams yard at Barry quite soon. 73082 Camelot will not now be purchased and will not therefore be coming to Quainton ; it was found to have a defective firebox. David Alexander is making good progress with the restoration of his Barclay 0-4-0ST. The wheels and axles are being replaced by similar pairs from a Barclay called VE Day which had been scrapped at Chatham Dockyard. New bearings are also being fitted and the boiler will be lagged with fibre glass insulation. Alexander should be at work next year if the boiler proves to be sound. Dick Scott's Bagnall requires welding repairs on the inside of the front tubeplate and on No. 14 work has continued on overhaul of fittings. On L.44 the tanks have not yet been removed as had been reported. The earlier fireless loco from Laportes is to be dismantled for spares for 2243 and on Isebrook, Alan Bolton is replacing the engine unit with one from a withdrawn Sentinel at Rolvenden on the Tenterden Railway.

Carriage and Wagon Department

Progress has been made on the LCDR four wheeler which it is hoped will be running for the August Open Days. One compartment has ex London Transport tube stock seats and the other three compartments will form a saloon. Droplights from a Southern BIL electric M.U. are being used and the doors on the platform side of the coach are being made workable. Repanelling of the Great Northern six wheeler using teak finish ply has continued. John Woolley has done a great deal of good work on the Gresley Brake 3rd and he hopes to finish the exterior panels and beading this year. The restoration of the LNWR Diner will be held until the work can be done under cover but it may be given another coat of white lead paint before the end of the year. Arthur Franklin's Gresley Buffet has been taken out of service because the floor needs attention to stop it breaking up. Former Southern Railway four wheeled PM Van, S1108S, has been purchased by John Bunch and it arrived by road in mid March at the up side yard.

1 - Obviously we can no longer supply these items at the prices offered in 1973, if at all!

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1973 and so does not reflect events in the 40+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

Society News - Quainton News No. 16 - June 1973

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