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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 18 - December 1973

Society News

From the Secretary

The erection of Phase 1 of the Restoration Building this winter has been made possible by a joint effort between the Society and five members who own locomotives at Quainton and would like covered accommodation for them. These members will provide two thirds of the funds required to erect the main building and will also be responsible for the purchase and erection of the small bay workshops. In return, the Society will grant them the use of one of the workshops and the secure tenancy of a length of track within the building for a period of 25 years. The building will be the property of the Society. It is planned to allow the six locos owned by the members to occupy tracks 1 and 2, but as soon as more money is available the Society will build Phase 2 and these locos will move to track 1, leaving the Society the full use of tracks 2 and 3.

The advantage to the Society of this arrangement is firstly, a lower initial cost, secondly, the provision of covered accommodation for such urgent tasks as the restoration of the Beattie, and lastly, the benefits of having much needed workshop facilities. Furthermore, our modest outlay will allow us to continue the construction of the Wembley storage building and to build up our reserves to purchase the up yard.

We believe this type of financial co-operation is another 'first' in the railway preservation field and feel quite sure that it will be of mutual benefit to the Society and to the owner members.

May I take this opportunity of passing to all members, friends and readers of 'Quainton News', the very best wishes of your Executive Committee for Xmas and the New Year.

From the Locomotive Committee

Our grateful thanks to Alan Bolton who has been Chairman of the Committee for the past two years. Alan did an excellent job and has handed over to John Mortham who pays tribute to his predecessor. In this 'News' Mike Hanscomb has written about our Beattie project which has a target completion date of August 1974. Another winter job is the remetalling of the main bearings of the Pannier so its going to be a busy time between seasons. During the shunting on 4th November the Aveling and Porter was moved for the first time since it arrived at Quainton in April 1969. There is a possibility of us acquiring a mess van, (road wheels), and a mechanical coal loader. Watch this space for details!

From the Carriage and Wagon

The past year has been successful with the LCDR coach entering service and more progress on the BSK and on the LNWR Diner is completely covered this winter thanks to those people who paid 2p and the prospect for covered accommodation for next year is promising. The priority for 1974 is the completion of the MSLR six wheeler for service on the Beattie Centenary specials and assuming the old girl can pull three coaches it would give us 50 more seats. The sight of a vintage train consisting of a GNR of 1895, a MSLR of 1890 and a LCDR carriage of 1880 is to be relished! When the BSK is finished it will be used on steaming Sundays only. The C & W Committee now comprises: lvan Start, Trevor Paice, John Woolley, Fred Poynter, Wendy Burgoyne, Brian Stabler and Chairman, John Parsons.

From the Sales Shop [Note 1]

We can now supply books published by Bradford Burton Ltd. and their titles include 'Great Western Steam in Cornwall' which contains three pictures of our Pannier tank, 7715. The sale of back numbers of 'Quainton News' has been at a steady rate and the only issues still available are Nos. 10, 14,16 and 17 with just a few copies left of Nos. 2, 11, 12 and 13. The 1973 Quainton guidebook is in stock, also a small number of Nos. 2 and 3 of 1972. Prices are 8p for recent issues of the News or 5p for earlier duplicated ones, plus postage, of course. Have you ordered your 'Steam 74' for £1.05 including postage? It is excellent value. Another good buy is 'Discovering Lost Railways' in which the reader is told, 'Quainton Road must be visited because of the fine collection of locomotives and stock belonging to the Quainton Railway Society'. It costs only 40p and is available from the Sales Dept. (plus 4p postage).

From the Permanent Way Department

The short siding was reconnected temporarily in time for the 'Big Shunt' early in November. Good work has been done on the points and crossings for the Wembley shed but we now have the major task of lifting track from the up yard, removing it to the site of the shed and relaying. This is certainly going to involve plenty of heaving and hauling. Many thanks for the help given in the past months by the Bodmin group, the King boys and the Beattie squad. Many hands make lighter work!

From the Depot Boss

On 4th November the 'Big Shunt' move took place. It all went very smoothly and was completed by 3 p.m. The site of the Restoration Shed is now clear of rolling stock and the next job is to lift the old track so that Mr Jones can get in with his JCB and dig the holes for the foundations.

One of our members has cleaned and painted the guttering ready for replacing it on the Station building, and the brickwork underneath it is being re-painted. We have found a builder who will rebuild the "Ladies" for us and we will do the decorating.

Volunteers are needed during the winter months to scrape and re-paint the inside of the canopy. The booking hall is also to be re-decorated. The shop floor is to be taken up, as it is rotten and a new floor laid. The Depot box van is to be repaired and shelves are to be made for it.

From the Ground Frame

As in previous years, the 1973 signalling system was for the most part electrically operated, with plug-in panels and relay shelves making installation quick and convenient. The loco crews are no doubt pleased that the system has remained the same for several years! The signalmen also seem to be happy with the system, and we have passed two more members to work at Quainton South. The high spot of the year was the after-dark running on 28th October. For the last hour or so, the signal arms could not be seen, and drivers were relying on the signal lamps to guide them in the dark. Similarly, the signalman could not see his colleague at the other end of the section, and the importance of Block Instruments to indicate the state of the line was appreciated.

The signalling system of the future will, of course have to take into account any changes of layout that may occur, but the feeling among S & T men is that a basically mechanical system, as simple as possible, yet ensuring the safety of trains, is desirable. One particular aim is to install a vintage Midland Railway crossbar signal as the platform starter. While the operating side is important, we must not neglect our varied collection of relics, and we welcome any members who wish to help with restoration work.

Tim Stevens has taken over chairmanship of the department for a while, to give Mike Hanscomb a "breather", and a chance to devote more time to the Beattie restoration.

1 - Obviously we can no longer supply these items at the prices offered in 1973, if at all!

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1973 and so does not reflect events in the 40+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

Society News - Quainton News No. 18 - December 1973 - Quainton News No. 18 - December 1973

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