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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 20 - Summer 1974

Society News

From the Locomotive Department

The restoration work on the Beattie tank made very good progress in late March when Mick Rowley, Graham Socking and Frank Boait finished stripping down the wheels and frames for repainting. Some old cracks in the frames which had been welded by BR were discovered during this work. Repainting has since gone ahead, the wheels in black and the frames in red. It has been decided to restore 30585 to its British Railways as it is most appropriate to her last years in active service in Cornwall. The Pannier tank will be back in action this summer after a thorough mechanical check-up. The lubricators and cab fittings have been overhauled and several new stay nuts fitted. A replacement GW whistle will be a welcome sound once more at Quainton because a replacement has been obtained for the one stolen. The Sentinel group are going strong on Isebrook and have repainted the frames, overhauled the water tank, and fitted a refurbished engine unit which dates from 1953. It is hoped to fit Isebrook with steam heating equipment and to fit vacuum brakes again. The inspection of Punch Hull has revealed wasting of the front tube plate but the boiler is in a better condition than had been expected. David's Alexander is now having welding building up work done on her front tube plate and the saddle tank is ready for remounting onto the boiler. No.3 had a hard three days at Easter and gave every satisfaction in daily use. Mick Hatton's Jill is receiving her new livery of maroon frames and red cab, tanks, etc., the water tanks have been moved back to Mick's house as an 'at home' job. Del Etheridge's Peckett tank continues to receive more red oxide paint and is having its motion overhauled.

Coventry No. 1 has been having a cab redecoration and some new firebars are on order for her. One of her team, young Glenn has recently been inside her water tanks and cleaned them out. We hope this is not the reason he was recently in hospital! Restoration has started on 46447 with the stripping of boiler cladding and insulation and the cleaning and painting of the boiler barrel externally. 76017 is now being prepared for boiler inspection and work has started on the smokebox fittings.

Carriage and Wagon Department

On the Great Northern carriage the guard's door has been restored and this completes one side of the vehicle in teak livery. Progress continues on the MSLR coach and the wood centres of the Mansell wheels are to be varnished. The Midland brake van had a quick repaint before Easter and looked very smart. The Department has recently been donated an angle iron work bench by Mr. P G Spencer, the Managing Director of Woburn Engineering Co. We are most grateful to him for this kindness. The C & W are anticipating with relish the arrival of the Cinema Coach, the Milk tank wagon and John Parsons' superb Great Central coach which, it is hoped will be coming to Quainton by rail and offloaded by crane onto our tracks.

Depot Department

The locomotive coal wagon which holds the year's supply has been found to provide a much more convenient loading point for recoaling the engines the ground dump formerly used. At the station the 'Ladies' is at last ready for use and the wash basins have been connected. Plastering and decorating work is outstanding. The chimney stacks have been rebuilt and pointed and attention has been given to the ventilation lantern over the 'Gents'. New fences have been put up around the station to discourage trespassers. On the down platform the sales staff are very relieved to have a solid floor to stand on and will be beautifully illuminated by fluorescent lighting as soon as the power is connected. Work is in progress on the Restoration building although not yet as fast as we would liked to have seen it go! The concreting for the foundations is underway and piers have been cast using brick shuttering. Hardcore has been delivered which will be used under the floor of the mess room, museum and entrance hall and Mr. Jones, the contractor, is to submit a quotation for spreading it. (Sighs of relief from the P W Dept!) There is a severe shortage of manpower for the depot projects, so please give all the help you can.

From the Permanent Way Team

Having completed the major job of lifting the old sidings to make way for the Restoration building, the PW gang then packed and ballasted the end of the long siding.

During this work they discovered an old GCR firebox fusible plug. Does anyone know of the time a Director(?) dropped a plug at Quainton? The boys have now made a start on relaying the end of the short siding and they have also decorated their hut and tidied up the Faery Grotto. Mick Money is busily restoring the frames of the Wickham trolley in preparation for the refitting of the engine which has had a complete overhaul. The name Hesperus has been discovered on her and it will be known by this name in the future. Our picture shows some of the team considering the problems of relaying the up yard to take the 22 tons axle loading of a King.

qn_20_04.jpg (71,963 bytes)

J R Fairman - Easter, 1974

From the Ground Frame

The new electrical detection system worked well at Easter and the telephones were of great assistance in speeding up communications between the station platform and the S & T staff. The guards' Train ready to start apparatus was also back in use and it is very valuable as an aid to improved working of the traffic. Tim Stevens and his mate, Stephen, had two fully restored signals recommissioned at the last steaming Sunday. The boss man himself appears to have been promoted recently and he is taking on additional staff. (see photo!)

qn_20_05.jpg (78,715 bytes)

J R Fairman - Promotion!

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1974 and so does not reflect events in the 40+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

Society News - Quainton News No. 20 - Summer 1974

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