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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 26 - Winter 1975

Well Done the C & W Lads and Lasses!

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Roy Panting - Unusual - a Mixed Train

The end of another busy year is the right time to reflect on the progress made in the Carriage & Wagon Department, a department which is small in number but large in importance!

One of our prize vintage carriages is, of course, the LNWR dining saloon and it has been a relief to have been able to move this vehicle under cover in the restoration building. Many hours have been spent on the framing and on the six wheeled bogies, cleaning down and painting. This work has been carried out by the custodians of this priceless coach, Roger and Wendy Howard, ably assisted by Les Turner. How they yearn to see the saloon finished to Wolverton standards in the Premier line colours!

The LCDR four wheeler, the Great Northern six wheeler and the GC (as we call the MSLR six wheeler), have all received care and attention from C & W Dan Jarvis has done much hard labour stripping the remaining ironwork from the underside of the GC but, alas, much of the brakegear is missing and will have to be specially made up. John Woolley has made replacement step irons for one side in readiness for new footboards and he has made a good job of these brackets. Upholstered seats are planned for the GC. Could a reader put us on to a supply please?

The beautifully restored Burmese teak wheel centres on the GC often make visitors exclaim, "Look, wooden wheels!" Ken Manton, with some of our ladies and some other members have scraped and chipped to achieve this lovely finish which is not even excelled by York Museum on coaches with Mansell wheels! Wendy Jarvis, Wendy Howard, Hazel Hunter, Jackie and Sylvia Woolley are the ladies who deserve a special pat on the back for jobs well done in 1975. Externally the GC has been receiving the close attention of C & W members Chris Britten, John Parsons, John Woolley, Mike Hunt and Anthony Lyster. The first finishing coat has been applied using, it is believed, the most suitable shade of grey for the upper part of the body. At one period it had three different shades of grey on one side but there weren't too many adverse comments!

The fine summer has encouraged roof retelling on several vehicles. The GC and the LCDR carriages have both been done, also the Midland Railway goods brake van, M1692. Mick Rolley then lined out the van in MR livery and thanks to Mick it looks very 'vintage'!

Trevor Paice has continued his efforts on the GN carriage by varnishing the teak body panelling which is looking very well as a result of his labours. John Parsons is repainting his Great Central bogie coach No. 957, in the same livery as the GC six wheeler and we look forward to the day when these two vehicles can be coupled together as an historic pair.

In the line of rolling stock in the short siding stands the Gresley BSK, 16076, which John Woolley would have liked to progress but time is never enough and the carriage has been as a bulk carrier for the newspapers which we have just sold to help raise cash for the Mk 1 Fund.

Another twelve wheeler, the LNWR coach converted to a Cinema Coach, has been the subject of some work in the past year by Ted and Dave whose good humour keeps everyone happy and by Bev and Mick Sell. Perhaps 1976 will see the cinema showing to packed houses !

Perhaps too the New Year will also see some suburban coaches running on Quainton metals in place of our irreplaceable vintage passenger rolling stock which really should be retired and just brought out on special occasions. Recently a party of C & W members journeyed north to York on an LNER Society tour and spent several hours in the up yard looking at redundant stock. It wasn't possible to find a good serviceable Mk 1 for the QRS on that occasion but we are keeping our fingers crossed and it wouldn't be a surprise to us if there were not some additions to coaching stock in 1976!

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Roy Panting - Underneath the GC - (Note the two cylinders formerly used for gas lighting)

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1975 and so does not reflect events in the 40+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

Well Done the C & W Lads and Lasses! - Quainton News No. 26 - Winter 1975

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