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Quainton News Archive - Quainton News No. 27 - Spring 1976

Reports from the Sections

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J M Hutchings - Brill, No. 14, 26th October, 1975

Locomotive Department:

Work is to start on Sydenham, our Aveling & Porter geared locomotive and Brian Clifford has undertaken the task of pulling out the tubes for a boiler shell inspection and, hopefully, retubing. The Sentinel Group have had boiler tests completed on No. 7 and No. 11. Colin Copnutt has become the major shareholder on Isebrook and he is hard at work on it. A new cab roof has been fitted and wooden coal bunkers on either side of the cab. The windows and fittings will next be dealt with, then the chimney and the lantern on the roof which will be similar to the Sentinel on the Middleton Railway but slightly smaller.

No. 14 Brill has had new clacks and pipework fitted by Brian Clifford and these are Kitsons in place of the old Pecketts which were worn out. New injectors have also been fitted and the blue livery replaced by black. The bearings of Brill will need remetalling but the job in hand is the replacement of 18 tubes and the shimming up of the slide bars. On No. 66, the new Hunslet, the first job has been to steam clean all the muck away and this was done at the same time as Brill. It will be necessary to jack up 66 to take the wheels out for turning; fortunately the flanges are good. A new steam sander is being obtained; at present the engine has three mechanical and one steam sander. Our friends of the Stour Valley are helping with the sander and a brick arch.

Mick Hatton's large Peckett has 16 tubes out for renewal and the front tubeplate has been welded up. The repairs, by welding, to the smokebox is the next job. No progress can be reported on the squat Jill, or on John Bunch's Bodmin or on Chislet.

Coventry No. 1 is having vacuum brakes fitted from Sir Thomas; the other Society engines which are likely to work this year, 7715 and the Beattie, are of course, already vacuum fitted. These brakes were recommended by Major Olver when he visited Quainton last year. Owners of non-Society locomotives are also considering fitting vacuum equipment and there is a possibility of purchasing ejectors on a bulk buying basis. The Met tank, L44 had its boiler removed on 17th January and the frames and motion steam cleaned prior to overhaul. The locomotive will be moving to the back of the shed for the wheels to come out and journals and boxes inspected.

The King Society ask us to make an appeal for any technical drawings of their loco also for GWR standard parts. Work has continued and many of the King boys have winter projects at home including the main lubricator. The leading bogie has been completely repainted, the splashers have been repaired and welded and are in green undercoat, and the brake gear is being reassembled. Steve Turner has had the tanks taken off 9466 and the boiler cladding has also been removed.

Peter and Roy had the boilers lifted out of 41313 and 46447 on 17th January while the progress on 76017, the Standard '4' 2-6-0 has included further dismantling and painting. The tender externally was finished in red oxide and is receiving undercoat grey.

Carriage & Wagon Department:

Ted Rogers had been held up on the Cinema Coach for a generator but he has had the use of John Mortham's 'genny' and has been charging batteries and testing wiring. Ted will now be aiming to complete the wiring for the heaters, lighting, etc.; meanwhile Mick and Bev are doing a great job stripping off paint and cleaning and decorating at the entrance end of the coach by the screen. Unfortunately rain water is still getting in somewhere although the leak is actually under the temporary covers. Frank White has continued to make some progress on the Beckton wagon although the wood is very wet at this time of year and derusting of metal parts prior to repainting has been the main job done. The high sided Laporte wagon has been modified to carry a platform built by Mick Rolley for fitting the fluorescent lighting tubes in the restoration building. Plans are made for a big effort on the BSK, starting in April and a team of at least 10 members are required. Please report to Paul Johnston or John Woolley on the site. Trevor Paice has completed another door on the Great Northern coach plus a few more panels. John Parsons has been busily repainting the last side of his Great Central bogie carriage and it is ready for the top coat. A similar position is reported on the MS & LR six wheeler. John is making enquiries for prices of vacuum pipes and hoses for fitting onto the passenger carrying stock as recommended by Major Olver.

Permanent Way Department:

The Committee Chairman, Rik Hunter, has had to sever his connection with the PW Department, temporarily we hope, because he has been transferred overseas. Our grateful thanks to Rik for his very hard work for the Society which has given us a better running line and a down yard redeveloped in such a splendid way. Neville Royce has taken over and we wish him every success. The three tracks in the restoration building have been extended through the second section of the structure and are complete except for the buffer stops on the two dead ends. The entire platform road has been lifted, rotten sleepers replaced and relaid with three 60 ft long length rails in place of the six rails formerly used.

Signal & Telegraph Department:

The major exercise has been the recovery of signalling equipment from Viaduct Junction. This took two weekends. On 17th January, the 'loot' was moved to the stock yard for sorting and storage. It is hoped to use some of this material for the mechanical system to be adopted following Major Olver's recommendations. Grateful thanks should be recorded to those who took part in the work at Viaduct Jc. They are Andrew Bratton, John Woodrow, Dave Simcox, Reg Uphill, Roger Hedley, Nigel Halliday, Barry Hodgetts, Bill Wilkinson, Charles Elison, Roy Miller, Bob Easeman, Dave Dunbar, Mike Hanscomb, Martin Gurney, John Fawcett and Steve Britt-Hazard. By the way, Viaduct Junction is on the West London Railway about a mile north of Kensington Olympia, and it is the junction with the former Great Western line to North Acton.

Sales Department [Note 1]:

After many years as our Sales Officer, Austin Harland has relinquished the appointment and transferred his attention to the Public Relations field. Peter Hoskings has taken over the Sales activity with which he has been deeply concerned in tandem with Austin and his address is on the back cover. Austin will be arranging all the Social events which, last year, Graham Socking started to organise. He will appreciate your suggestions and promises to give all ideas for meetings, tours and visits his consideration.

The Sales Department expect to publish a new 36 page edition of the Quainton guide by Easter, price 20p, with a full colour picture of Coventry No. 1 on the cover. The Stockbook and the Beattie Centenary Book are still available at 40p each and for QRS members the Society tie in mid blue with the Quainton motif is good value at £1.35. Other Quainton 'specials' are the 400 piece jigsaw, colour slides, postcards, pens and notelets.

This year we propose to have extra sales shops at the site on Bank Holidays to reduce congestion. Volunteers for this interesting job are required.

Please buy as many models and books as you can through the Society. We hold good stocks of model equipment and book titles not in stock can be obtained quickly. Help us make 1976 a bumper year for sales - all the profit goes to the Society to finance the future projects.

1 - Obviously we can no longer supply these items at the prices offered in 1976, if at all!

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1976 and so does not reflect events in the 39+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

Reports from the Sections - Quainton News No. 27 - Spring 1976

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