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Quainton News archive - Quainton News No. 36 - Autumn 1978

Society Notes

Locomotive Department:

The season ended with the Beattie and Del's Peckett in operation and Swanscombe in running order. Coventry No.1 has now a boiler devoid of tubes and the inside of the barrel is being cleared of scale and sludge ready for the new tubes which, at the end of September, were overdue from the suppliers. 7715 will have mostly routine maintenance this winter and externally looks quite good in its British Railways black livery. L44 has not yet been re -wheeled and any occasional workers are given brushes to complete the painting of the driving wheels in gloss crimson lake. Frank Boait will find plenty for all volunteers to do on the Met overhaul project.

David Alexander has been working on the motion work of his Barclay and Trym's new rear buffer beam will help when shunting this locomotive! The massive YEC, Chislet, receives attention from Reg and Les who have been refitting the injectors. Will 1979 see her in steam? Two Pecketts which are currently being worked on are Mick Hatton's 2129 James and David Potter's 1756 Hornpipe, the former is being retubed and the latter is having a part retubing, (27 were quite new from its previous owner, APCM).

Frank Boait hasn't had much time to devote to his own Peckett, 1900, nor Dick Scott to his Bagnall 2469; both these stalwarts have spent all their time on Society work. 66, Spartacus the Austerity, is not useable until its tyres are turned and enquiries for this work are being made. No further progress can be reported on AP 3567, Sir Thomas, either Fireless, Punch Hull or Tom Parry and there is no recent news of activity on John Mortham's Peckett 2105.

Excellent progress has been made on 6989 Wightwick Hall by sand blasting the boiler shell and applying red oxide paint as well as obtaining items like firebox nuts, a lubricator and check valves. Meanwhile, under Dennis Howell's hands 9466 is very presentable and has its motion away at Northampton for attention. Dennis requires a GW / BR(WR) lubricator valve and will welcome news of one please. The new ash pan for the King has arrived from the fabricators, Gilberts of Leighton Buzzard and the tender axles from Crewe after machining the journals. Members of the 6024 Group were busy grit blasting under the tender frames in the water pick up area on Bank Holiday Monday when, as usual, many visitors were impressed by the bulk and beauty of the boiler and size of the frames and driving wheels awaiting reassembly. On 18th and 19th August, Sentinels 7 and 11 were transferred from the down to the up yard and will be going under cover with Isebrook in the new building before next winter. 9466 will also be going into the shed on the same road.

The Ivatt Group's two roads in the building are ready for the three Class 2's as well as Juno and these will also soon be in the dry at last. We understand Sentinel 11, which is in running order may be used to carry out these movements in late autumn when the connecting tracks are laid to the rails in the depot. Sentinel No. 7 has had its boiler and firebox repairs and hydraulic test completed in the Restoration building workshop but the unit will be refitted in the new up yard building.

Carriage and Wagon:

The Works Train was used made up of a van for bagged cement and an open wagon for ballast to be taken to the Wembley shed for feeding the big concrete mixer which Dick Scott had placed on a sleeper structure opposite the building.

Assembled at Bicester awaiting transfer by road to Quainton are three carriages. Firstly we have bought a GWR BG, W64, a bogie brake with gangways removed; Chris Britten has acquired an LMS Open Third, S38746M, built at Wolverton in 1945 and latterly used as an exhibition coach and there is also a LNWR Toplight CK built about 1922 which will increase our collection of rolling stock from the Premier Line. More details of these vehicles will appear in the next Quainton News.

Our three ex-BR Mk 1 coaches are being given essential anti-corrosion protection, particularly at seams and on areas where corrosion is showing on the sides of the vehicles ; M 15319 is especially troubled by the rot which is a worrying feature of the Mk 1's and is not easy to deal with.

A complete set of droplights, (80 joints), has been made for the windows of the Great Northern 3rd and repairs have also been carried out by our excellent JCS carpenter to the LCDR 1st's doors and to the floor of the LNWR Full Brake. The MSLR 3rd, No. 1076, had the misfortune to drop some of its brake rigging on the last steaming day in September but no serious damage occurred.

Dennis Howells and his father have made a first class job of reflooring the GWR Toad, 68766. They have also fitted new footboards, recanvassed the roof and repainted the vehicle inside and outside.

The Gresley 5-compartment Brake 3rd repanelling, glazing and rebeading is finished and the roof has been recanvassed while Mike Gordon has continued his admirable work on the panelling and external refurbishing of the LNWR Kitchen / Diner.

Permanent Way Department:

In the down yard sleepers have been positioned ready for laying the rails on the shunting neck to serve the Wembley shed and the short siding. There are two new points to be provided, one to connect the short siding and the other for the second road in the Wembley shed. In the up yard the long headshunt is also waiting for some labour; please see page 2, Quainton Volunteers No. 1.

Good news is that we have been given the track in the buffer depot and this will give us some more useful material.


Very good work has been done on the up yard Restoration Building. By the end of September Dick Scott & Co. had completed drainage, track beds, concrete walkways and the block walls and were about to start the workshop walls in the Ivatt section. Track has been laid in the two roads in the Ivatt half and in one road in the other side ready for the Sentinel Group. The Society's finances will not allow progress on the 5th road bay this winter but hopefully this will follow next year. As reported under Loco, occupants will take possession later this autumn.

The major activity in the past three months has been on the Wembley building. First priority was site drainage and while excavating a trench across the yard an old grease lubricated wagon axlebox was uncovered. When cleaned up this will be on display in the museum. A batch system for bulk mixing concrete was constructed by Dick Scott alongside our main line and all the stanchions were concreted in, nice and square, ground beams were cast between the stanchions for the walls and concrete walkways were laid - a massive task involving over 100 cu. yds. of concrete, all hand laid. Additional steelwork for roof purlins, for the front of the building and for cross bracing has been fabricated on site and new door frames have been made. At the end of September the bricks were on order for the side walls and there is enough corrugated asbestos sheeting in stock for the rest of the sides. New sheeting costing about £1800 is required for the roof.

Sales: [Note 1]

The printers advise publication of Part 1 of Steam 78 during August (sic), they had problems with the binding (again!) and it will be retitled Steam 1978/9. Part 2 (narrow gauge) will be started when Part 1 has been distributed. They will become two-yearly publications alternating in the future.

New publications in stock are a reprint of Main Line Lament at £6.90p and the Luton and Dunstable Railway at £2.70. Further titles to come soon are Great Central Recalled at £4.25p and The Great Western and Great Central Joint Railway by S C Jenkins. We can now supply the Leicester Museum publication The Last Main Line at 95p and G C R Contractors Engines at 60p. In August we had additions to stock underneath the shop branch; four black and one black and white kittens - a new Sales line!

1 - Obviously we can no longer supply these items at the prices offered in 1978, if at all!

The text in this Quainton Railway Society publication was written in 1978 and so does not reflect events in the 36+ years since publication. The text and photographs are repeated verbatim from the original publication, with only a few minor grammar changes but some clarifying notes are added if deemed necessary. The photos from the original publication are provided as scans in this internet version of this long out of print publication.

Society Notes - Quainton News No. 36 - Autumn 1978

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